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What Is SonicSwap (SONIC)? Complete Guide Review About SonicSwap.

What Is SonicSwap (SONIC)?

If you don’t yet have the Infinity Wallet you can download it here. If you have Infinity Wallet installed but are not prompted to connect, your browser settings may be blocking it. Your goal is to be a world leading digital asset enabler. By putting the user first and providing safe, professional, creditable and quality platforms and services, they aspire to change the world of today into the world of tomorrow.

Your aim for the Infinity Wallet is to make it the one-stop application for all a users crypto needs. With a simple and modular interface allowing to interact, monitor, trade, transact and much more in a secure decentralized environment.

SonicSwap Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSonicSwap
Short NameSONIC
Circulating Supply153,992,332.21 SONIC
Total Supply153,992,332
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vision and goals

SonicSwap are on a mission to liberate global wealth and empower people across the globe to create a better future using blockchain. To improve every aspect of your daily lives, as well as improving many industries, whether financial, gaming, transport or anything else. They envision a world where blockchain and digital assets are used in every aspect of your lives, for anything and everything.

The Company Values

These are some of the fundamental values that they live and work by. These values shape your company, platforms and products as well as who are, what do, what stand for and who they hire. These values are hard-wired into your DNA, helping to build the future and achieve your goals while never changing as continue to grow. Your aim is to provide users globally with intuitive, secure, easy to use and feature rich platforms. While building a better future with digital assets revolutionizing global industry.

When users hold “DAMN token”, they own the node voting right on DAMN platform and can participate in the node governance work of the DAMN ecosystem. For example, they can vote in favor for the best game, the best artist, the best organization or new projects on the platform.

Community Rewards

SonicSwap ecosystem, multiple nodes will be set to facilitate the on-chain circulation of DAMN tokens. If the node with on-chain qualification happens to have the DAMN token, the on-chain fee can then be offset with the token. Infinity Wallet is the ultimate one-stop all-in-one multi-cryptocurrency wallet platform providing users (currently supporting 150,000+ users) with easy access to DeFi, Web3 and DApps. All within a single wallet that has been engineered and crafted to the smallest detail, to bring a smooth, secure and seamless experience to all users no matter their experience.

Memory Aggregation system

With AI & Product teams come from Silicon Valley, TikTok, Baidu, Alibaba and SonicSwap, extremely experienced in managing AIpowered products with millions of DAU. Having created exchanges in Korea and Poland, designed perfect memory aggregation system and integrated multiple public chain wallets, they are also experienced in blockchain field. The team is equally experienced in quantitative trading, with market experience in well-known exchanges and robot market making experience in DeFi field.

SonicSwap also have a large number of content area co-builders including VR panorama, VR game, 3D, film and television partners to provide more diverse NFT content system + Metaverse long-term development support. With this knowledge in mind, they’ve participated in various blockchain live product show, successfully took part in projects like video platforms and NEST Protocol, etc.

High risk

The extremely high return comes from its high risk. Investors may easily lose all their money in mere seconds, it’s often a “you pay, you lose” scenario, suddenly, losing money is that simple. So instead of being called “investors”, a more appropriate name is “gamblers”. The only difference is that what they are gambling at least have “some credibility”. But the risk is still there. Thus, people who don’t really understand all these things, often say DeFi is just another scam, a new kind of Ponzi.

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