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Solucionesenlaweb Web Hosting Review: Dedicated Servers.

About Solucionesenlaweb

An independent virtual environment in VPS and VDS servers increases the security of the project, and a special system will protect against DDoS attacks. Solucionesenlaweb Basic knowledge of network administration will be a big plus renting a virtual VPS server allows you to interact with it at a deeper level compared to shared hosting, so you may need an understanding of the operation of server operating systems (for example, Linux, WordPress or Windows.) Both abbreviations tell that both VDS and VPS are virtual servers (VS, virtual servers) with one difference. one is virtual and the other is dedicated. 

In practice, both abbreviations are used interchangeably, because the principle of operation of these servers is quite similar. One of the eminent competitors of cPanel, Direct Admin is a lightweight Linux based control panel. It consists of all the features of the control panel that includes multi-customer setups. Now that gives an upper hand to this control panel, Take a glimpse of the features provided by Direct Admin.

Some Quick Facts Solucionesenlaweb Web Hosting

SolucionesenlawebBasic Details
Hosting NameSolucionesenlaweb
Call Support310 276 76 75
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Solucionesenlaweb Price

High stability

Each server put into operation is tested. Stable software and reliable hardware from world brands. Solucionesenlaweb most popular family of operating systems is Linux, which offers the server administrator the maximum customization options. Thus, for administering a Linux VPS and understanding the basics of how it works is a good bonus. Server performance can be increased and decreased at any time fast and capacious HDD / SSD drives, high-quality communication channels from the data center, the choice of RAM and processor type easily allow scaling.

Panel partner, just received an email in which they (cPanel) said that there will be another price hike taking effect in Jan 2022. cPanel continue with dramatic year on year price increases even in the midst of a global pandemic that has forced countless changes among-st the business world. While millions of people and businesses are making sacrifices to stay afloat while adjusting to all of this change. cPanel appears to be unfazed by all of it. Announcing on 1st Oct 2020 there will be again a 10-15% price increase on all license costs.

Technical Support

One of the important advantages that they offer is wide control over the device VPS and VDS, being virtual servers, are similar to physical dedicated servers, as they provide the administrator with flexible configuration options (for example, their own IP addresses, ports, root access, etc.). All this creates a hosting dedicated to the specific needs of the user. 24/7 Solucionesenlaweb technical support team are experienced and qualified specialists. They solve your problems 24/7/365 in Russian and English. A VPS server is an excellent compromise between virtual hosting and a physical server it works quickly and reliably, and most importantly, it does not force you to manually manage the server hardware. 

Discounts and gifts

When buying any service for a long period – a discount of 5 to 15%. They also hold promotions and sales, during which you can get your services at the best prices. Important tasks (e.g. email management, database setup, backups) are completed in a couple of clicks and can be automated. Data is the most valuable asset, therefore King Servers servers use snapshots and backups (short-term and long-term copies). By renting a King Servers server, you also get access to your technical support team, whose specialists will cope with any problem.

Convenient server management

Solucionesenlaweb servers are equipped with control panels that greatly simplify administration – without them, you have to use a text console, which is inconvenient for many users. The hosting panel helps with the following tasks. The panel is an intuitive graphical interface any user can immediately start administration. The control panel also speeds up and simplifies server deployment the more servers you need to run, the greater the savings.

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