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What Is Soltato FRIES (FRIES)? Complete Guide Review About Soltato FRIES.

What Is Soltato FRIES (FRIES)?

Soltato FRIES is the first animated and algorithmic ally generated NFT on the Solana ecosystem. Paired with the native utility and governance token of Soltato, $FRIES. $FRIES token will be airdropped to Soltato NFT holders weekly to reward loyal fans of Soltato NFT, and to put the governance right to the community that supports the project.

Soltato FRIES Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSoltato FRIES
Short NameFRIES
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000,000
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$FRIES Airdrop

For 60 weeks straight, from the Initial Mint Offering of Soltato. Owners of Soltato FRIES will get airdrop of $FRIES. Every week, snapshot will be taken at a random time for holders of Soltato, airdropping up to 10,000 $FRIES per Soltato you hold. Simply hold your Soltato at your wallet and you will be eligible for the $FRIES airdrop.

Note that you will not get your airdrop if the NFT is listed on exchange such as Solsea or Grail, so make sure you have diamond hands on your Soltato. In total, every Soltato NFT will get 6,000 – 600,000 $FRIES, over the course of 60 weeks, depending on the rarity of your Soltato.

How to get Soltato

The Initial Mint of Soltato NFT will be available at on 13th October, 2021. A total of 2,500 Soltato will be minted. You can mint your own Soltato for just 2 SOL. You have a chance of getting an animated Soltato FRIES (one of a kind!) and getting 6,000 $FRIES token in total for the coming year, just by holding it in your wallet.

How to get $FRIES

The Initial Fries Distribution are only available to the holders of Soltato NFT. You can mint or purchase your own Soltato FRIES to get a free weekly $FRIES airdrop. Alternatively, you can purchase $FRIES on the secondary market in Serum Market or Raydium Swap. They will bootstrap the liquidity of $FRIES at $0.05 USDC per token using the Initial Liquidity Pool, and the market is free to trade at any price after they have provided the liquidity.

Soltato Doodle Jump

Soltato FRIES is a jumping upwards game that enables players to travel with their own NFT character as high as possible! By challenging players to leap from platform to platform, their reactions and hopping skills are tested. Challenge the top 10 ranked and take home a portion of the $FRIES pool. Connect your wallet You will be able to view your Soltato NFT holdings and key account information such as best score, ranking, number of tickets and $FRIES Balance.

Supply of $FRIES token

The total supply of $FRIES token is 100,000,000 tokens. The initial circulating supply of $FRIES will be 10,000,000 tokens, and slowly unlocks to the stakeholders and community with the following distribution schedule. Soltato and $FRIES goes hand in hand to create sustainable value for holders of both Soltato and $FRIES. The ecosystem starts with Soltato FRIES airdrop and trading fee generated on secondary markets. Instead of keeping the fees to the team, the fees generated are used to buy back $FRIES token in the open market, driving up the price of the token.

To foster a healthy ecosystem and liquid market, holders of $FRIES are incentivized to provide liquidity and stake their liquidity token, in return for the liquidity providing incentives and $FRIES token from fees buyback. With a healthy ecosystem, $FRIES will be a valuable token and Soltato will form an active community, attracting more interest for buying Soltato NFT, which results in more trading fee generated for the everlasting Soltato Cycle.

WAGMI Farming

The NFT trading fee buyback and incentive for LP stakers will be distributed to FRIES-USDC liquidity providers who stake. With the average annual turnover of Solana NFT at 3-5x NFT floor market cap. Soltato FRIES expect annual volume of 150,000 SOL if floor price of Soltato is at 3 SOL, which translates to 7,500 SOL (22,500,000 FRIES) in fees generated and buyback. With additional incentive of 10,000,000 FRIES, the total FRIES to be distributed to stakers will be 32,500,000 FRIES annually.


$FRIES token gives holders the right to vote and decide on the future path of Soltato NFT. After the initial mint of the Soltato FRIES will be rolling out peripheral usage for the Soltato NFT, including a web mini-game and NFT composition / transform. Vote with your $FRIES and make Soltato yours. if you list your NFT on exchange, you will not be eligible for the weekly airdrop if it happen when your NFT is listed, to learn more about the $FRIES airdrop.

Rarity Calculation

The rarity of your Soltato depends on multiple factors, including the occurrence of each trait, number of traits, if the NFT is animated. To put it simply, this would be the equation what Soltato FRIESderive the score, thus your Soltato’s Ranking.

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