What Is SolChicks Token (CHICKS)?

What Is SolChicks Token (CHICKS)? Complete Guide Review About SolChicks Token.

What Is SolChicks Token (CHICKS)?

SolChicks Token is one of the first NFT-driven games built on the Solana blockchain centered around adorable NFT collectibles. SolChicks is a multiplayer NFT game ecosystem integrated with unique P2E elements. Your ecosystem is designed with a game play loop and reward system that has a high level of detail and intricacy with P2E at its core. Your flagship title Sol Chicks Saga is a multiplayer role-playing game where players can own and trade their NFT assets (e.g., characters, weapons, equipment) and through them explore a magical fantasy world they have meticulously crafted. The project promises high-caliber artwork, unique and detailed in-game systems design and is executed by a strong-credentialed and experienced team.

SolChicks Token presents an exciting opportunity for you to discover rare collectibles and be rewarded for your playtime, all while taking advantage of the power of decentralization and on-chain ownership that blockchain technology brings. Each NFT in your collection is 100% owned by you, and gives you a way to interact with the game world they have carefully built. First and foremost a game, is ultimately focused on uniting people together in an enjoyable “play and earn” experience through blockchain innovation and integration. In this disruptive model, players are rewarded for their time and commitment to the game.

Players can choose to focus on completing objectives and battling other players to rise up the leader boards, starting the largest SolChicks Token NFT collection, embarking on a journey to obtain the rarest weapon NFTs – the choice is left entirely up to you. In other words, there will be no set way to play, each player can craft their own personal story with their, and the game awards players with in-game perks and on-chain rewards based on player actions. To this end, they have crafted your game on the Solana blockchain for its speed, economics and reliability, ensuring the game will be a fascinating P2E experience.

SolChicks Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSolChicks Token
Short NameCHICKS
Circulating Supply452,573,804.52 CHICKS
Total Supply9,999,997,682
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What Is SolChicks Token (CHICKS)? Complete Guide Review About SolChicks Token.

NFT System

To play, players will have to create SolChicks Game Accounts where they can load multiple SolChick NFTs into from their Solana wallets such as Phantom or SolFlare wallets, and the players will be able to use those SolChick NFTs as their character avatars. SolChicks Token Game Accounts will let the players accrue all their rewards through their accounts first, and then later transfer them to their Solana wallets. Saga is an NFT based game, and they encourage the trading and exchanging of NFTs so that players will experience the breadth and depth that Saga offers.

At the same time, they would like for the players to be able to meaningfully monetize their time which they have spent playing the game. To this end, has implemented the “dynamic NFT” system, which allows for dynamic update of the SolChick NFTs. This means that data such as levels and stats will be dynamically updated onto each NFT. In other words, if a player purchases a NFT, they will not only get the NFT with the NFT traits, but also with its level, stats, elemental attributes etc.

Story Mode / Exploration Mode

Beginner Players are encouraged to first play on Story Mode, where they will be introduced into the world of SolChicks Token and planet Mellow through an immersive PVE story mode. Players would play as Talonyr, and together with his companions, embark on an epic journey across Mellow to discover his true identity and fulfill his ultimate purpose. The PVE mode will tell the story of, while allowing players to earn rewards level up their NFT characters. In this mode, players will battle against monsters and enemies to progress the tale of your protagonist.

After the player has gone through the story mode at least once, they may revisit the locations under Exploration Mode. Under Exploration Mode, players can go to all the areas they have previously visited for the story line, and continue to perform daily and weekly quests or just farm for rare items and materials without following the linear structure of the Story Mode. Exploration Mode will have adjustable difficulties to cater rewards and challenges appropriately for players of different skill and power level.

Raids / Endless Dungeons

The Endless Dungeons are the opposite of raids and are more of an endurance race that players can enter alone or group up with others. In the dungeons, players will progress deeper and deeper into the dungeon and battle monsters and bosses until the group cannot continue any further. Players have to select the combination of characters, skills, items, consumables beforehand and cannot change it during the experience.

SolChicks Token There will be a seasonal leader board for players to compete on progression for these end game content. Players will be rewarded with titles, rare and seasonal items, and other powerful artifacts, and of course tokens should they best these challenges and top PVE leader boards. There will be a limit to the number of tries for raids and Endless Dungeons per week or season or a fee to enter into these contents to prevent over farming of rare items.