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What Is Solbank Token (SBNK)? Complete Guide Review About Solbank Token.

What Is Solbank Token (SBNK)?

Solbank Token protects your privacy by utilizing a kind of ‘collective piggy bank’ where users deposit equal amounts of SOL into a given piggy bank. When a user is ready to spend their money, they can withdraw any one of the equal deposits from other users. This way, the output transactions cannot be linked to any specific input transaction. Select the denomination of SOL you would like to deposit; then click Make Deposit. You’ll see a pop-up showing a private note that you’ll need in order to withdraw your deposit.

Infinity Wallet provides users the ability to easily trade within a single click at the best rates across the market between thousands of pairs from tokens & chains, within an easy intuitive interface. Eliminating the need for unnecessary steps, such as wallet connecting, searching for the best prices, depositing and withdrawing from exchanges and so on. All while optimizing transaction fees for the best price possible, allowing for the best user experience and easy on boarding.

In the future look to integrate your own DEX aggregation protocol which will allow for the cross-chain aggregation of all decentralized services (DEXs, liquidity pools, farming, loans and etc..) further improving the user experience, as well as integrating buy/sell from fiat, advanced trading interface for aggregated DEXs and CEXs for more experienced users and much more, further innovating with multiple trading options for all types of users needs.

Solbank Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSolbank Token
Short NameSBNK
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Digital assets

The Solbank Token supports many types of chains with support for hundreds of thousands of tokens across these chains, providing users the ability to easily send, receive, manage and monitor multiple coins and tokens at a click of a button. Each coin or token in the Infinity Wallet has its own page providing users with easy access to assets, with each having an easy asset overview providing real-time balance, historical performance graphs, complete historical transactions and other information. They have designed the interface and all information to suit even the most novice users, along with advanced features and options for crypto veterans at the choice of the user.

Monitor the market

The Solbank Token provides users with all the information they need, so they can easily monitor, analyse and receive updates on the entire crypto market directly from within their wallet. Users can monitor the overall market stats, coins/tokens & exchanges, with real-time updating of to allow users to always make the best decisions. Users can monitor each individual coin/token, providing them with in-depth stats/data, graphs, coin market pairs, alerts and much more.

Also users can monitor each individual exchange, providing them with in-depth stats/data, graphs and exchange pairs. Users can always stay up to date with the latest news & announcements aggregated from multiple news sources from within the crypto, DeFi and Web3 industry.

Wallet Connect to any DApp or Web3 Platform

Solbank Token the Infinity Wallet users can access any Dapp or Web3 platform. The Infinity Wallet is the first desktop wallet to support connecting to Dapps and DeFi platforms bringing a new and enhanced experience to users that previously had to use less secure and feature-less browser extensions.

Users can access a DApp or Web3 platform via two methods:

  • Infinity Wallet Browser-less DApps – Your own internal feature removing the need to use a browser, allowing users to access a DApp directly within the Infinity Wallet while providing a wide range of benefits over browser-extension wallets.
  • Wallet Connect – Allows users to connect to DApps both on the web via their browser or Solbank Token that are accessible via their own client. Its main use is for connecting to DApps that can’t be supported in Browser-less DApps such as games or other platforms that run their own client and are not accessible via a domain.

Infinity Wallet

By supporting Wallet Connect along with Browser-less Solbank Token ensure that the Infinity Wallet is able to support users in all possible scenarios when connecting their wallet to a DApp or Web3 platform. Making Infinity Wallet the only Desktop wallet providing complete access to the entire DApp and Web3 ecosystem (more than any Browser extension) across multiple-chains within the space and providing unprecedent access to all.

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