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What Is SolarMineX (SMX)? Complete Guide Review About SolarMineX.

What Is SolarMineX (SMX)?

The amount of energy consumed in cryptocurrency mining, which continues to increase its popularity, has become competitive with the total energy consumption of some countries. SolarMineX cryptocurrency mining is generally based on energy obtained from fossil energy sources. Apart from cryptocurrency mining, there are different factors, which increase electricity consumption. The energy requirements, especially in developed and developing countries cause a faster increase in primary energy consumption worldwide due to people’s lifestyles, increasing consumption habits, and the development of the industry.

The increase in energy need depending on the world population and technological developments and the continued use of fossil energy sources play a major role in the increase in global warming. In this context, meeting the energy need by renewable energy sources is important for reducing the speed and effects of global warming. Solar energy, which is one of the renewable energy sources, stands out due to its ease of installation and easy integration into small and large systems.

SolarMineX heat energy from the sun is directly converted into electrical energy by photovoltaic solar panels. In addition, greenhouse gases, which have the most negative impact on global warming, are not released during electricity generation from solar energy. On the other hand, the damage caused by fossil energy sources to the world is not acceptable and the demand for the use of solar energy is gradually increasing as the conscious approaches to the production and use of renewable energy become more widespread.

SolarMineX Storage Key Points

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Coin NameSolarMineX
Short NameSMX
Circulating Supply240,008,542.00 SMX
Total Supply1,390,008,452
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The intensive use of electrical energy from fossil energy sources in cryptocurrency mining plays an important role in global climate change. SolarMineX situation causes irreparable damage to the environment and nature. Since cryptocurrency mining consumes energy close to the total energy consumption consumed by some countries, it requires renewable and sustainable solutions in this area. It is estimated that the total capacity of solar energy will increase by about 18% (approximately 145 TWh) and reach 1000 TWh in 2021.


The electrical energy produced from solar energy will set an example in the field of crypto currency mining and will make investments in this field more conscious. The solution offered by SolarMineX is to encourage people and increase the amount of electricity generated from solar energy by defining the sun as a mine and rewarding the miners depending on the amount of electricity produced from solar energy.

Solar energy

Global warming is increasing rapidly, primarily due to the influence of humans. Especially in the last century, due to the intense consumption of energy produced from fossil sources, climate change has accelerated to a great extent. Therefore, greenhouse gas emissions have caused intense environmental pollution by increasing the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in nature. SolarMineX With the increase of climate change, the average temperatures in the world will increase, heavy precipitation will occur in some regions due to excessive evaporation, and drought will be seen in other regions.

With much greater global warming occurring, the oceans will warm, glaciers will melt, and sea levels will rise. In addition, fires, floods, and droughts caused by extreme temperatures will occur. In this case, the soil yields will change and there will be crop losses. For these reasons, the effects of environmental damage caused by fossil energy sources have paved the way for the use of renewable energy sources to become widespread around the world.

SolarMineX It is predicted that the electrical energy produced from renewable energy sources will increase by 30% by the end of 2021. Solar energy, which is one of the renewable energy sources, shows a worldwide increase, especially in electrical energy production. Accordingly, the market share of solar energy has gained momentum especially in the last 10 years (Figure 1).

Environmental Sustainability

SolarMineX maintenance and operating costs of PV panels are very low compared to other renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic panels are a clean energy source as they do not generate greenhouse gas emissions during their lifetime. It is also advantageous that solar energy can be accessed at any location where there is no shade during the sunshine period.

Since they do not create noise, PV panels are also suitable for use in residential areas. With the rapid increase in the use of PV panels, the competition in the market is also increasing. Related to this, PV panel costs are gradually decreasing. This situation creates positive scenarios for the future of environmental sustainability.

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