What Is Solanium (SLIM)?

What Is Solanium (SLIM)? Complete Guide Review About Solanium.

What Is Solanium (SLIM)?

The token is an SPL token on the Solanium blockchain. Make sure not to buy any fake tokens, always keep an eye out on your official social media channels. You can view more information on your tokenomics page. Your issue with most launchpad projects and platforms is that they are basically fully centralized. A central entity manages which projects are allowed on the platform, most of the time combined with a lot of insider information and trading. This is an open platform where everyone can create a pool and raise funds. Besides just Pools they have many other products in the pipeline.

Solanium token is integrated into every product on the platform. They are giving high priority to both UI and UX, as think good UI is one of the core principles that are currently lacking or not prioritized in the ecosystem. They feel that this is one of the most important factors to onboard new(bie) users to the Solana ecosystem. The platform will be an all-in-one solution for Solana, with integrated wallet, DEX and transaction management.

All major Solana wallets will be supported. The platform will extend any connected wallet with inline wallet management. The user does not have to leave the platform to see token balances, send or receive tokens or manage token accounts. Experienced users can still manage their wallet through their wallet provider, and any changes will directly be reflected on the platform.

Solanium Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSolanium
Short NameSLIM
Circulating Supply65,000,000.00 SLIM
Total Supply100,000,000
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Token distribution

Both Solanium seed and private sale rounds are distributed over many different participants. By distributing your seed, private and public sales they are trying to create the most fair token distribution on launch possible with no single entity holding large quantities of the supply. For token vesting, they will use Bonfida’s vesting contracts to lock tokens ahead of the public sale. For sake of transparency all addresses and vesting seeds will be published here, but you can already get an overview of it if you take a look at the distribution page in the explorer.


The first phase of the platform will be launching a custom GUI for the Serum DEX. Finalized pools can immediately create a Serum market and start trading on the permission-less DEX. There are currently many hosted front-ends available to trade on Serum, but they are all based on, or forked from, the Serum repository. Solanium will provide a custom Serum GUI, built from scratch. Which will support several key features such as a custom grid, transaction manager, rich data display fetched from the Serum API and partners and will be fully responsive and dynamic.

Trading on the DEX should be experienced as CEX trading (in terms of UI and UX). They will supply the user with the required information to start trading, and show a quick tutorial on all the functions if it is the user’s first visit on the DEX. Referral fees collected on Serum trades will go the Governance Treasury.


SLIM tokens are lockable for a select able lock time, with a maximum lock time of 1 year. By locking SLIM tokens in the staking contract, the user will receive a Solanium balance. xSLIM tokens are not transferrable. The height of the xSLIM balance is based on the amount of SLIM tokens locked, and the time left before the tokens unlock. The xSLIM balance is linearly decreasing since the time of lock. The SLIM tokens locked can not be withdrawn before the time lock has expired. However, it is possible to extend the time lock or increase the amount of staked SLIM tokens.


The core function of the platform will be Solanium Pools. On Solanium Pools, anyone with a Solana wallet can create a pool to distribute a SPL token. They will provide an easy to use UI, where users can set-up their pool with just a few clicks. The UI will also have the option to create the SPL token for the user, if the user did not deploy a SPL token yet.The team will still manage the front-end, and has the possibility to filter and feature certain pools, but anyone can create a pool on the Solana blockchain and create an own UI to interact with it.

Every pool has a fixed percentage of fees that go to the xSLIM token holders and to the Governance Treasury. Public pools will first be opened to xSLIM holders, who get an allocation based on their holding, before opening up to the general public. Pool creators will be Solanium to prioritize xSLIM holders. Pool X raises 10000 USDC, selling 1000 DEMO tokens. 2% of 10000 USDC will be distributed to xSLIM holders and 2% of 1000 DEMO will be put in the Governance Treasury.