What Is Soccer Infinity(SOCIN)? Complete Guide Review About Soccer Infinity.

Soccer Infinity

What Is Soccer Infinity(SOCIN)?

Soccer Infinity Set in the 22nd century, Technology is evolving so quickly. That help everyone who have the best effort and passionate will be stronger to become the best Heroes on the pitch. Own the best players and upgrade equipments & skills to build the strongest club, conquer new challenges. The competition on the pitch is increasingly fierce, everyone need the support of technology to become more stronger and stronger. Collect quality players, equip the strongest items to have the strongest Heroes on the pitch. The Soccer Infinity team is made up of seasoned blockchain experts that have been involved in, or are currently developing, some of the industry’s earliest infrastructure.

With DeFi having been shown as one of the first genuine use cases of blockchain technology, Soccer Infinity believe that gaming is the next big revolution. By having important elements of the game stored on-chain, blockchain and especially NFT-based gaming will relieve some of the issues currently present in traditional gaming such as provable ownership and trust less item transfers. Within the next few years, blockchain gaming will undoubtedly disrupt and earn its place in the overall gaming market, most notably the mobile phone gaming sector. A coins envision and hope to be able to provide these opportunities through your game, whilst also introducing new people to crypto in a fun and exciting way, starting with the sport that the world knows and loves — Football.

Soccer Infinity Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSoccer Infinity
Short NameSOCIN
Circulating Supply797,496,088.00 SOCIN
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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What Is Soccer Infinity(SOCIN)? Complete Guide Review About Soccer Infinity.


Soccer Infinity will launch on Binance Smart Chain in Q4 2021, then Fantom Opera as soon as its smart contract capacity has proven to be matured enough for gaming. Originally, the core team planned to launch on Ethereum. However, due to issues with gas fees and gaming scalability, Binance Smart Chain and Fantom Opera were both chosen for their speed, low fees, and large user base. Binance Smart Chain will be the first platform where Soccer Infinity core smart contracts will be deployed on, followed by Fantom Opera when it is fully ready.

The Soccer Infinity game server will be the bridge that connects users on both chains and allows them to play against one another freely within the Soccer Infinity game environment even if they are on different chains. Soccer Infinity understand that Binance Smart Chain, Fantom Opera and Ethereum all have their own drawbacks and have also been scoping out any other potential solutions should a partial or full migration be required in the future to ensure Soccer Infinity can expand sustainably. Other solutions currently being considered are:

  • Alternative Layer 1 chains
  • Layer 2 with focus on NFTs, such as Immutable X
  • Dedicated side chain, similar to Ronin of Axie Infinity
  • ETH 2.0


PvE Mode: The Mode that players need to use personal skills to control the football players to fight with matches to win a certain number of points. And those points will be exchanged for each level that the player will receive in-game $SIB.

The rewards for winners:

  • Items (Coming soon)
  • Experience points.
  • Tokens.


Furthermore, the stadium location can also influence Player’ skills. Specifically, Player with a home field advantage based on their country will have a slight boost in their footballing skills. In future expansions, there are plans to release custom SDK for users and owners to edit the stadium designs directly while adhering to certain guidelines. Stadiums play a significant role in the overall game play. Stadiums are represented as trade able NFTs, and stadium owners enjoy several benefits:

  • Naming rights
  • Custom stadium design
  • Advertisements and sponsorship’s placements
  • Custom list of playable Key Events


Football players Upgrade: where your players is upgraded and modified to increase speed, power and important stats needed to participate in PvC, PvP, etc.

  • Engine upgrade, e: increase speed.
  • Body upgrade: increase durability
  • Wearable upgrade: increase strength and combat power


There are total 20 different types of jerseys of famous national clubs. Available on NFT Marketplace.

  • Can be equipped by all players.
  • Increases player’s strength by 5% (will help kick the ball farther than the opponent)
  • Chance to increase the reward token received after each match


Available on NFT Marketplace

  • Can be equipped by all players.
  • Increases player’s speed by 5% (will help players move faster)
  • Chance to increase the reward token received after each match

Players & stadiums card upgrade system

As you know, to make the player and stadium cards stronger, the Managers can use the card upgrade feature of Soccer Infinity. Because of the high thrill of each card upgrade phase, especially for high value player cards, card upgrades have been and are the most loved feature by managers. Two identical Player or Stadium cards of the same level are eligible for the upgrade process.

Players & stadiums cards upgrade rate

The higher the card level, the lower the success rate will be. This means that successfully upgrading a player & stadium at a high plus level, especially from +8 to +10, is a testament to the talent and bravery of the manager in building his dream team. The card upgrade rate is still a bit vague for the coaches. Therefore, Soccer Infinity would like to announce the specific player and stadium upgrade rate as follows. This coins hope this upgrade rate will help managers experience the upgrade feature more easily and reasonably in the near future, and help managers get closer to their dream team goal.