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Snugfort Web Hosting Review: IT Network Infrastructure Services.

About Snugfort

If you are a restaurant franchise owner, you might need digital signage to display new menus or ongoing promotions. You also need to make sure the POS system is connected at all times to ensure sales data is saved securely. An NVR surveillance system is required to ensure your environment security and for eliminating disputes involving theft. Moreover, your restaurant must provide Wi-Fi services to stay up to date. Snugfort Smart Edge PoE Switches is a one-stop central networking solution that offers a flexible power supply, Web GUI management, and innovative virtualization applications to solve all your network problems.

If you are an IT professional for a small business, you often need to set up file servers for all employees to centrally store files. You will also need to create networks for connecting office equipment, such as network printers and VoIP phones. Setting up a firewall is also crucial in information security for mitigating internal attacks and external threats. In addition, a VPN connection is necessary to perform secure remote file transfers between headquarters and branch offices.

Some Quick Facts Snugfort Web Hosting

SnugfortBasic Details
Hosting NameSnugfort
Price£6.80 GBP
Email SupportN/A
Call Support0208 1919 223
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


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Hotel Application

If you are an Hotel owner, both you and your customers can benefit from a smart access control system. Customers can check in with self-help kiosks upon arrival while browsing through room details and service packages. As an Hotel owner, you must provide WiFi for your customers so that they can easily check information and contact customer service via VoIP phones. Customers’ check-in data needs to be saved securely, and an IP surveillance system is required to ensure environmental security. Over 2+ years, Snugfort IT Services has helped their clients leverage technology by linking their business needs with IT network expertise. UI/UX Web Design Expertise, Create a world-class digital products, communications, and brands for your company.


Large scalable servers, supercomputing, workstations, GPU servers, Snugfort believe in your partner’s products because they have proven to be the most reliable, high-performance, quality servers they claim to be. They specialize in Built-to-Order servers based on Supermicro & QCT. Custom assembly is your key-selling point as they also deliver branded boot screens, bezels and custom packaging. Pushing datacenters to the next level in storage technology is your goal. Do you need 1TB or 512PB? File level or block level? SAN or NAS? they’ve got you covered on all sides. This make sure you have unlimited scalability, easy maintenance, lower TCO and reliability.

Snugfort install brand new windows based servers by providing more complex users access as security on folders access or simple network attached storage where the users can have a central location for their data. This is a local based servers solution. They also provide cloud-based servers at Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Based on your building blocks and high-end server components they are able to offer a range of solutions which can be used as foundation of your cloud environment today and be ready for tomorrow. Challenge to find the solution you need. They listen, advise and want to be that trusted partner you desire.


A datacenter cannot function correctly without the proper network components and equipment. As an official reseller of the branch leading company Mellanox and the innovative firm Snugfort, this make sure your customers get the highest performance solution by delivering high-bandwidth, low-latency ethernet/InfiniBand switch systems and network components. Communication is key, and Digital Signage is the easiest and most engaging way to connect with your audience and create a “wow” factor. Snugfort helps you to grow your sales and boost customer and employee engagement with Digital Signage Solutions.

SnugFort offers experienced IT Support built with UK businesses in mind. Snugfort IT Support is reliable and provides valuable it support to your business. Contact and get your new IT Expert today Full or Remote Support from anywhere in the UK. Are you worried about your local servers? Still on the fence about SaaS? Move your business SaaS Cloud solutions, connect it anytime anywhere to continue your work. Check your cloud services, Switch to Snugfort Cloud Services today, and continue work from where you are.

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