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Smarttripplatform Ico Review – Blockchain-Enabled Ecosystem

About Smarttripplatform

Global travel industry has grown by 3.1% in 2016 – faster than the global economy as a whole; moreover, it has been the sixth year in a row that the travel industry has over performed the global GDP. Experts agree that travel will remain one of the movers of the world economy in the next decade. Smarttripplatform fast growth experienced by the travel industry across the globe is not without its pains, however. A limited number of countries get a lion’s share of international visitors, and major cities and the most famous sights attract a vast majority of tourists at the expense of less promoted or accessible regions.

In such less visited countries and cities, small-scale travel service providers – cozy guesthouses, great local restaurants, talented tour guides – suffer financially, having no money or tools to attract tourists compete with major chains. As a result, most tourists tend to congregate in the same places, which lead to higher prices and the feeling of a lack of authenticity. In other words, the fact that the number of tourists grows does not mean that the overall experience of each tourist becomes better.

Smarttripplatform Key Information

Token NameSmarttripplatform
Soft cap1,000,000 USD
Hard cap25,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale3,000,000,000
Distributed in ICO60%
Token SymbolTASH
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO0.0100 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Smarttripplatform

Smarttripplatform Ico Review - Blockchain-Enabled Ecosystem

Problems faced by Tourists

Who among Smarttripplatform does not look forward to every upcoming trip, hoping that it will prove to be unforgettable, authentic, and overall amazing? And yet, quite often the tourists’ hopes are dashed: they are disappointed with their accommodation and food; they get ripped off by tour guides and taxi drivers, and eventually miss many of the key sites. In the end, they return home and lament that the trip did not meet their expectations. A lot of things can go wrong and spoil a vacation.

  • Communication – While great local service providers exist in most places (guides, guesthouses, drivers, etc.), they can be difficult to find online (many don’t have websites) or contact by email or phone.
  • Language – Many valuable resources, reviews, and explanations found online are not written in English, but rather in French, Chinese, etc. Besides, many service providers cannot write in English, further complicating communication.
  • Booking – Even when the tourist finds a great guesthouse or a tour guide, making a booking can turn out to be too difficult, especially when it involves a bank transfer or a Western Union payment with high commissions.
  • Comfort zone – For many, travelling independently can present a challenge overall some tourists end up feeling unsafe even when there is no real danger. The world is full of beautiful destinations where a first-time independent traveller will not feel comfortable alone (examples could be endless, from Kashgar to Kosovo and from Ethiopia to Svalbard).

Financial Issues

Tourists flock to better-known, aggressively marketed competitors, often simply because they have websites in English and a good marketing budget for banners and SEO, or are mentioned in the Lonely Planet, or have paid a large fee to be at the top of the list on As a result, large chains and travel agencies get larger, while small family businesses struggle.

Smarttripplatform High fees and commissions charged by platforms like Booking and other intermediaries (hotels selling excursions etc.). Hotels pay a 15-20% commission on every booking on (and sometimes over 30%, if they want to be at the top of the recommended properties list) and 12% with Hostel world. Organizers of excursions and treks pay a commission to hotels that sell these excursions. In all cases, providers of travel services have to pay hefty fees to intermediaries.

Communication and Technology Issues

Smarttripplatform Travel service providers have to make themselves visible on a large number of individual resources (, Lonely Planet forum Thorn Tree, TripAdvisor, guidebooks, Wiki travel, etc.), but so far there is no single resource, website, or platform that could serve as the main go-to hub for travellers and service providers alike, provide all types of tourism services while charging low fees, and thus attract truly vast numbers of clients.

Often, local hotel, restaurant and travel agency owners cannot write in English, do not have a website in English, and for one reason or another do not use Google Translate to reply to emails. This scares away a lot of potential clients, who instead turn to more expensive firms whose agents speak English (and for those tourists who do not speak English, but rather only Spanish, Chinese, or Russian, for instance, the only choice at present is to buy an expensive tour package in their own country).

The Smart Trip Platform Ecosystem

The Smarttripplatform is designed as the ultimate solution to the issues plaguing both travellers and travel service providers: it is an ecosystem that allows all users to connect directly, plan trips efficiently and quickly, save money, and participate in a dynamic community. Smart Trip Platform will not only provide an extremely wide range of services – from boat rentals to safaris – but will also act as a true knowledge base. It is a brand-new model of travel – minimizing time spent on research and maximizing the authenticity of the experience.

In this section, they present an overview of the platform architecture and main functions. One of the great advantages of the blockchain technology is that new functions can be easily added using the existing or slightly modified smart contracts while preserving the transparency and full security of all transactions. The platform can develop as a mostly decentralized ecosystem, providing its users with a great opportunity to participate in a dynamic community, become recognized experts, and realize their professional and personal goals.

Token Sale Information

The Smarttripplatform ecosystem has the potential to revolutionize the travel industry by offering both travellers and business a full range of innovative and easy-touse services, an interactive decentralized environment, safe payments, and the possibility to plan trips from scratch using the help of best experts in the field. Thanks to the platform, both leisure and business travellers will save considerable time and money and participate in a dynamic community with infinite possibilities. The Smart Trip Platform token sale allows everyone to participate in the project and acquire the platform’s tokens with significant bonuses.

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