What Is Smartmarketingtoken? (SMT) Complete Guide Review About Smartmarketingtoken.

What Is Smartmarketingtoken? (SMT) Complete Guide Review About Smartmarketingtoken.

What Is Smartmarketingtoken?

Smartmarketingtoken Coin (SMT) is the first tokenized marketing agency that wants to decentralize. The purpose of it is to serve as a bridge between the agency’s services and clients, leading to an effective marketing strategy and supporting new ideas. Projects will need to buy SMT directly from supported exchange and transfer it to the SMT services platform to access advertising and marketing services.

The SMT believes in a world where blockchain technology plays a key role in decentralization, governing, finance, and marketing. A world with very rapid changes and accelerating technological developments needs elastic marketing – the smart marketing that will fit into every project’s needs and to any market conditions. The SMT will be the advanced marketing agency preparing B2B services for blockchain-based projects and tokenized startups.

Autobusd Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSmartmarketingtoken Coin
Short NameSMT
Circulating Supply
Total Supply10,000,000
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How to buy Smart Marketing Token (SMT)?

Smartmarketingtoken you can buy SMT on ICO from August 2, 2021 until October, 31 2021.

Available payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Coinbase (choose this option if you want to pay with your Metamask Wallet)

Fixed fee promotion

Smartmarketingtoken Coin will be providing promotional services for ICO, IDO, and IEO. All of the assistance will be billed based on the commission from the generated net profit. All ICOs Launchpads that will be listed on Student Coin Terminal will be promoted by SMT. That service will cost 3% of the total net profit raised in funding on STC Ecosystem.


Every quarter Smart Marketing Token will give the community of SMT holders an opportunity for their voices to be heard. They will be able to choose and vote with their coins on the project that they want SMT to promote. The more SMT they hold, the stronger their voice will be. This element will have an impact on the SMT token price, the better the project that the community chooses, the higher the price will rise.

SMT Services

Smartmarketingtoken One of the long term goals is to build a platform on which you will be able to automatically purchase marketing services that will be done by the freelancers 24/7 in an exceptionally fast time. Buying traffic, creating high-performing banners, SM promotion? Whatever it is, SMT will take care of it!

Educational service

SMT will build an educational marketing platform available only for SMT Token holders. You’ll be able to share your knowledge and find tips and tricks from marketing experts.


Smartmarketingtoken Coin Building long-term relations with users, investors, and clients of the project, the SMT team is fully transparent in its activities and operates under the regulations of the European Union.


At some point of the project, it is planned to introduce the buyback and staking program. SMT Token buybacks will be performed using part of the funds raised from B2B clients and will be distributed via SMT Token stakers.


Blockchain Smartmarketingtoken allows making a secure transaction between two entities without having the bank as a middle man. “The safe and transparent recordkeeping nature of blockchain is a potential game-changer for marketing. IBM, in collaboration with Unilever, embarked on blockchain project to increase transparency in digital advertising placement.

The Association of National Advertisers estimates that only 30 to 40 cents of every digital media dollar reaches publishers while the rest goes to the intermediaries.

SMT Token fundamentals

The Smartmarketingtoken Coin $SMT creates a bridge between the agency’s clients and token holders, where clients can directly benefit investors. Most of the services provided by the Smart Marketing will be paid and settled in the native $SMT Tokens. The mechanism means that the bigger the agency’s scale and crypto marketing growth, the bigger the demand for $SMT as the traded token.