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What Is Sleepy-Shib (SLEEPY-SHIB)? Complete Guide Review About Sleepy-Shib.

What Is Sleepy-Shib (SLEEPY-SHIB)?

Sleepy Shiba is here, for those who missed out on the gains of Shiba Inu, buy sleepy and hold with staking rewards to be the next generation. Sleepy Shiba isnt lazy when it comes to community. Playing PancakeSwap’s Prediction lets you test your foresight to earn rewards. Use your market knowledge or gut feeling to predict if the BNBUSD price will go up or down in the near future. Get it right and you’ll collect a share of the round’s prize pool.

The Sleepy-Shib bug bounty program is focused around our smart contracts, websites, and apps with a primary interest in the prevention of loss of user funds, either by direct draining of locked funds or social engineering attacks by redirecting users or forcing them to sign a transaction. If the timer is too low your prediction may not confirm in time, so check there’s still plenty of time left before you make a prediction (30 seconds should be plenty, but give yourself more time if you’re following along with this guide).

Sleepy Shiba Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSleepy Shiba
Circulating Supply1,000,000,000.00B SLEEPY-SHIB
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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Twitter PageClick Here To Visit Twitter Group
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Collecting winnings from older Sleepy-Shib rounds

Sometimes you may be away from Sleepy Shiba Prediction page for a while, or may have forgotten to collect winnings from older rounds. You can still collect winnings owed to you from older rounds at any time. Find more information on past rounds you’ve entered by clicking on the reversing clock icon next to the round timer. A “History” panel will open. You can click “Uncollected” to view all rounds you’ve not collected the winnings for yet (click a the transaction if you want to see more details). Click the Collect button.

A new window will appear showing the amount of Sleepy Shiba you can collect with a ConfiIf you’d like to see how you’ve done overall in Prediction, you can view PNL (Profit and Loss) data whenever you’d like.rm button. Click the button and confirm the action in your wallet. The tab will open with stats for your historic performance in Prediction, including your net results, average return, best round, and other information. You can click the View Reclaimed & Won button at the bottom of the PNL tab to view those transactions on the Sleepy Shiba explorer.

How is the payout calculated?

In the above case, if the round ends on a DOWN result, if you committed 2 BNB to a DOWN position, you’d get a payout of (2*10) × (1-0.03) = 19.4 BNB. Your profit would be 17.4 BNB (19.4 – 2). The treasury fee is currently set at 3%: this may be subject to changes, which would be announced on Sleepy Shiba official communication channels. Treasury fees are used to buy back and burn CAKE tokens. 3% of each round’s total pot will go to the treasury, which will be used to buyback and burn CAKE every Monday.

Your prediction contract uses the Sleepy Shiba Oracle price feed to set the prices used to dictate whether a user has won or not. Since they’re using two different price feeds, the real-time price updates from Binance and the ChainLink Oracle price may differ by a small amount. However, they shouldn’t vary significantly.

The round’s result changed after the round ended! Why?

Sometimes, after a round closes, the final result may be different from the last result shown while the round was live. If you watch a round end on “DOWN”, it may appear to flip to “UP” a few seconds later. This is because Sleepy Shiba use the ChainLink Oracle price feed to determine the final outcome of a round. The period between the end of one round and the start of the next is 30 seconds, but the Oracle refreshes every 20 seconds. It’s possible that during this short period, the Oracle might send an update while the transaction to trigger the next round is being minted. This can appear to “flip” the outcome of the previous round.

What happens if no one enters an opposing position?

If only one side of a round has positions entered into it, then that side loses, the losing funds will be sent to the treasury. User A enters an UP position, no one else enters a DOWN position. User A loses, and there are no opposing positions for the winnings to be paid out to. Funds are sent to treasury. Sleepy Shiba very rare occurrence that the Locked Price is exactly the same as the Closed Price, no one wins, and all funds entered into positions will be sent to the treasury to be used for CAKE buybacks to burn. Once you enter a position, you can NOT change the direction, add to, or remove your position. It’s locked in, so make sure you’re 100% happy with your position direction before confirming.

Markets are paused when there are conditions which affect the reliability of the contract. Markets being paused means that no bets will be taking place for any rounds. The prediction contract has been unable to execute an action (ending a round or getting a price from the oracle) due to the tx being stuck in the Sleepy Shiba for longer than 15 blocks. If the markets pause while you have a live position, your funds will be available to reclaim, the same way as you would normally claim your winnings. To reclaim funds, you’ll need to pay some gas fees. Sleepy Shiba can’t compensate you for the gas fees, so please bear this small risk in mind before participating.

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