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What Is Sleep Care (SLEEP)? Complete Guide Review About Sleep Care.

What Is Sleep Care (SLEEP)?

Sleep Care is a sleep-to-earn protocol that combines Gamefi and Socialfi elements. SLEEP CARE encourages people to have a better bedtime routine and generate passive income at the same time. Sleep is the next blockchain-based Sleep-to-earn application on BSC that aims to improve the global community’s sleep quality and help them earn money at the same time. Inspired by the famous norm “Sleep Care” (which means “Good Night!”), $SLEEP application accesses various sensors of your phones and calculate your sleeping wellness as well as time spent on your sleep.

With the dual goal of pioneering sleep technology R&D and providing a real-world value in Sleep Care ecosystem, Sleep Care presents the world’s first Sleep-To-Earn mechanism to reward the global community for sleeping and earning $SLEEP tokens. For the world out there who are lack of sleep to earn money, now you can sleep tight to earn passive income and improve your health. Token burn is a deflationary measure helping to increase the token value and retain the token holders confidence and it allows reducing the total supply and thus increasing the market value of tokens.

Sleep Care Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSleep Care
Short NameSLEEP
Circulating Supply50,000,000.00 SLEEP
Total Supply50,000,000
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Enable the world to sleep better and improve not only their wellness but also their wealth. Ranking System is intended to encourage the development of good sleeping habits among users and thus rewards top achievers on the Leaderboard. This is a function that the developer uses to ensure that users check in and get as much sleep as possible. Your ranking may rise or decline depending on how consistent you are. If the system detects a terrible sleep habit, the account’s rank will automatically fall over time. In Sleep Care rating system, there are three levels of users, the higher level you are, the more features you can unlock.


To create the world’s top blockchain-based sleep wellness ecosystem that is community-driven, actionable, and profitable for all. Sleep Care is a sleep-to-earn protocol that combines Gamefi and Socialfi elements. CARE encourages people to have a better bedtime routine and generate passive income at the same time. SLEEP ecosystem constitues NFTs, an App composed of a sensorial Sleep Tracker and a Sleep Tracker.

Community Tracking

This is a Social-Fi application where Sleep Care will share the sleep activities of its users and make a system to connect people around it. Curious about other’s sleep quality and ranking? Sleep Care will provide users a social platform where all members can see other member’s current location on the world map (only country available, not further information) and also see if they are having a good sleep or not. To participate in this special feature, users will need to unlock it through accomplishment of special missions. The winner of the monthly Rest Mode Leaderboard will receive Sleep Care tokens with 1000$ BUSD hot rewards. The top 2-10 players on the monthly Rest Mode Leaderboard will get $SLEEP token bonus.

How to earn?

Follow these steps to become a member of $SLEEP app:

  • Buy $SLEEP on Pancakeswap. (you must have at least 500 $SLEEP to be eligible for the rewards). To avoid scams, you must utilise the legitimate $SLEEP
  • Contract: 0x569fdf3326a785f8F9cfcA7dA3594DDdf74aD04C
  • Install the Sleep Care app on your phones or laptops by downloading the app file from your website.
  • Fill up your wallet and basic personal information.
  • To use the Sleep app, open it and enter your BSC wallet address.
  • You’re ready to go. You simply need to get enough sleep, and the incentives will be deposited directly into your account once the tasks are completed.
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