What Is Sinverse (SIN)?

What Is Sinverse (SIN)? Complete Guide Review About Sinverse.

What Is Sinverse (SIN)?

Sinverse works around the native token, $SIN. This is the in-game currency used on the play-to-earn model based on various underworld activities. This is played within the vast metaverse of 15,000 plots of land consisting of some of the most exuberant cities in the world, ranging from the bright lights of Las Vegas to the carnival city, Rio Sinverse. If you’re lucky enough to rent or purchase a lucrative plot of land, with each city possessing their own underlying properties, you can build your empire to create further revenue generating assets. All of this is available on the Sinverse Marketplace, where various non-fungible assets can be bought and sold, including exclusive avatars.

Sinverse Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSinverse
Short NameSIN
Circulating Supply131,498,655.62 SIN
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Sinverse originally begins as an undeveloped digital real estate with 15,000 parcels of land. As development kicks-off following the blueprint of the virtual city, the built Urban environment begins to spring up. Anyone can purchase and own one or more parcel(s) of land in the city and develop them using SDK kits provided in the development arena. They have partnered with Vulcan Verse to help develop the game, using state of the art virtual reality technology; including the creation of a VR casino. In addition to this, the platform will be built on Matic Network, an existing Vanilla Network partner, allowing for high speed & low cost transactions.

Gaming Ecosystem

The Sinverse native game is a 3D action thriller game, which albeit fictional, is set and modeled after some of the most controversial crime cities across the world. The play-to-earn game will be laced with violence and gore bidding to become the ultimate Kingpin whilst building your empire. This will be built with realistic imagery along with voice & text chat features with intent to pull players into an augmented reality space. The game will be developed by the legendary Vulcan Verse development team with support from other game development partners. Ultimate aim of gamers will be to conquer & control and be designated as the ultimate Kingpin, until the next conquerors emerge.


Sinverse architecture is designed to provide a base platform for other limited partners to host their projects inside the vast Metaverse arena. Therefore, this effectively makes an Omniverse offering the rights to host partnering projects inside the virtual world. This goes beyond on boarding high impact and scalable projects but also includes providing land in a suitable destination to host these projects.

Vanilla Network, Act it Out, Drife and Sugar Bounce are some of the early projects that have passed a rigorous qualification process to be on boarded into the Sinverse. The synergy of these projects and their capability with a Rated-R Metaverse creates cross marketing opportunities, technology exchange and cross border relationships of various communities. Resulting in a huge ecosystem of development partners and an increased number of users inside.

Private Lands

Sinverse This is owned privately by the individuals. It can be bought and resold in the auction market. All land was initially sold at auction, and represents land that currently has incumbents who have unconditional ownership. A set of individuals can come together to form a group. Such a group can decide to purchase and own landed properties and put them for use. Such land can be auctioned in the market, or have structures built on it. Lands found in this category are known as District Lands. This is the land meant for public usage. People can meet for discussions, relaxations, workouts, exercises and more in such places. These are also potential spawn / open plots; or meeting places for the community to gather.

Public Roads

This is different from the public land, although they are also used by the general public. Sinverse follows the real estate structure that is habitable for non-land holders. So, there are roads for vehicles and pedestrian use in the city to freely explore meeting places such as shops, bars & clubs. Urban planning is still very much in progress, and will continue to develop. Social tokens, also known as personal tokens, creator coins or community coins, are a new type of cryptographic solution that helps content makers monetize their passions in a more efficient, transparent, and fair manner.