Ico Review – Easily Manage A Portfolio Of DeFi Tokens From One Simple Place.

Singularitydao Ico Review – Easily Manage A Portfolio Of DeFi Tokens From One Simple Place.

About Singularitydao

Singularitydao a diverse basket of crypto tokens controlled by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, now made available to you through the AGI Community Governance Generation Event. DAO is a decentralized platform, governed by the SDAO token, tasked with governing Dynasts. Dynasts are diversified baskets of cryptocurrency assets dynamically managed by AI and curated by the protocol. Singularity DAO brings the financial sophistication AI-managed funds to DeFi, deploying Singularity Net’s AI technology to navigate complex markets.

Singularitydao Key Information

Token NameSingularitydao
Starting Date06 May 2021
Ending Date06 May 2021
Token Sale Hard Cap1,600,000 USD
Total Supply100,000,000 AGI
Token TypeERC-20
Token Symbol N/A
Initial Token Price1 SURE = 0.1 USD
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Singularitydao Ico The basic financial element managed by is the Dynamic Asset Set (DynaSet).
These are selections of utility tokens in a ratio that is dynamically balanced and optimized by AI.
The user holds shares of the DynaSet in a non-custodial fashion, while the Dynamic Asset Manager (DAM) is authorised to manage the ratio of assets held by the DynaSet via trustless smart contracts. The DAM will execute trades on Uniswap, the leading noncustodial decentralized exchange. The manager may be human, a fully automated system, or a mix of both, but given the general predisposition of the project toward AI, there will be a bias toward AI-managed DynaSets with sophisticated predictive agents.

Liquidity Pool and Vault

By default, when you deposit crypto assets to a Dynast, you receive Dynast tokens in your wallet, representing your share of that Dynast. You can leave them there and get exposure to the upside – the funds are accessible only to you – or you have the option of putting your DynaSet tokens into DEXes Liquidity Pools to earn fees and farm SDAO tokens. Optimizers (see below) can borrow the crypto assets underlying these Dynast tokens. In return you receive shares of that Liquidity Pool, an LP token. Each DynaSet will have its own LP token.

DAO governance

Singularitydao the DAO allows users to vote on proposals using liquid democracy, also known as delegative democracy. In effect, this means users can vote directly on proposals, or take a more hands-off approach by delegating their tokens’ voting power to someone else to vote for them. The DAO will control, in a democratic way, which DynaSets are on the platform. It will also have the power to make changes to the economic variables and protocols of the platform. Proposals can be tabled only by the Foundation at first, with this power being decentralized to the community of
token holders later.

DEFI Finance

DeFi is an array of technological innovations that democratize finance out of institutions and into a decentralized digital realm. The centralized finance industry has long kept the best financial opportunities behind closed doors, reserving the best instruments – such as AI asset management – and information to an elite community, increasing wealth inequality. DeFi makes sophisticated investment and trading products more accessible, thanks to open access, lower minimum investments, and platforms easily usable by anyone with an internet connection.

Ethereum blockchain

Singularitydao Ico token is envisioned to be based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain is still in a relatively early stage of development and is not entirely proven. Any malfunction, flaws, breakdown or abandonment of the Ethereum blockchain may have a material adverse effect on the Company’s plans contained in this Whitepaper. Advances in code cracking, or technical advances such as the development of quantum computing, may present risks to the Company. All forms of participation in cryptocurrencies involve risk. Cryptocurrencies are the subject of regulatory scrutiny by government authorities and other regulatory bodies around the world, and the Company could be adversely affected by one or more enquiries or actions