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Simmitri Ico Review – Platform Utilises Smart Contracts

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About Simmitri

The platform utilizes smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to increase transparency and AI automation. Simmitri the blockchain is used for storing information about the user and household electricity usage per device, it will also execute parameters and initiate various gamification actions based on performance, allowing users to instantly earn a respectable income and exchange their SIM Tokens into fiat currency instantly from your debit card.

Simmitri is the energy economy built for the future. Born within an elite solar company now known as Simmitri (, with the mission to restore a “balance of power” and continue building on their strong community relationships as move forward into the 21 st century.

Simmitri Key Information

Token NameSimmitri
Soft cap5,000,000 USD
Hard cap30,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale550,000,000
Min. investment10 USD
Token SymbolSIM
Token TypeERC20
Price in ICO0.7500 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Simmitri

Simmitri Ico Review - Platform Utilises Smart Contracts

Artificial Intelligence

Simmitri is the economic bridge that will fast track such relationship, providing a self-sufficient and decentralized network powered by artificial intelligence (AI), communicated through Internet of Things (IoT) and audited by blockchain technology. SIM is the cryptocurrency token generated from within your “SimBox”, built to balance power between the consumer, pro-summer, innovators and utilities. Each device acts as a node in our network – which call the Energy of Things – whereas SIM provides the currency that will compensate users based on enhancing building performance.

Individual Energy Consumption

The energy conservation efforts inside the building generates negative kilowatt hours “Negawatts” that convert to an automatic output of Simmitri tokens that can be used for your economic benefit. You can program the SimBox to alert for manual control, or the built-in AI software can automatically address your energy conservation needs while you focus on the finer things in life. Either way, SIM provides the consumer and pro-summer with the incentive to reduce individual energy consumption, distribute to those who are in need and lighten the footprint we all stamp on Mother Nature.

Cost of Conventional Funerals

If the environmental concerns were not bad enough, the cost of conventional funerals and burials has been increasing rapidly and often can leave surviving family members with massive debts. If let unprepared, families face daunting decisions around a funeral process that can cost well over $25,000. The conventional burial process is a major source of pollution that contaminates local land, air and water.

Not only are embalming fluids and caskets leaking toxins into the ground from the moment they are interned, but cremation also disperses caustic toxins into the air. A funeral may seem like Simmitri last exclusively personal decision, but the impact of that decision is actually far wider than it may seem. The choices make around funerals and burials can impact families, communities and the world for many generations.

Green Burial movement

With the development of the Green Burial movement, an environmentally sound alternative to the funeral or cremation process is now becoming available. Simmitri providing a time-honored burial that is both cost-effective and nurturing to the earth, green burials are an obvious solution to all of the issues posed by the modern funeral industry. Many people have already chosen green burials for their funerals and the demand for this type of burial is rapidly rising.

Although it is anticipated that the cost of green burials will stay well below the costs of conventional or “traditional” funerals, the costs of green burials will eventually rise. Currently, the cost of a green burial is around $5,000. Transition Coin from Transition Green Burials LLC offers a way to reserve an environmentally sensitive Green Burial today or anytime in the future for $4,000, a 20% savings immediately. Transition Coins may be passed on to your loved ones as well.

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