What Is Sierra coin (SIERRA)?

What Is Sierra coin (SIERRA)? Complete Guide Review About Sierra coin.

What Is Sierra coin (SIERRA)?

To enable a more widespread acceptance and utilization of crypto-currencies it is required that the apps and services are easy and friendly to use. It should be both delightful and enjoyable to use, so much that people will prefer it over existing methods. Great usability does not come easily, it requires the best User Experience (UX) experts and graphical designers that both understand users and the technology. Sierra coin developers have decades of experience building consumer and business oriented software and services that have a high customer satisfaction.

These skills and experiences will be vital in the development of the Smart City Platform and services. The apps and services that are part of the platform, is easily accessible to the citizens through the City Hub. This app, which is accessible from any device, will abstract the technology as much as possible and still keep users safe and secure.

Sierra coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSierra coin
Short NameSIERRA
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply5,455,217
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Everyone is Invented

The Smart City Platform will open up a world of services that are delivered from around the world, not just the city of Liberated. Sierra coin will partner with other blockchains and tokens, making them more accessible to everyone that uses City Coins on the Smart City Platform. They want everyone to be able to start using City Coins without any technical expertise and through your integrations with other coin and tokens platforms, your Smart City Platform users will have access to a wide catalog of services.

Governments and cities services around the world have already started investigating and testing out blockchain-technologies, and there are one of many examples, from the land registry of Sweden, where they estimate blockchain-technology will cut hundreds of millions of dollars of expenses for the government ( source).


First goal of the Smart City Platform is to make it easy to use and accessible for everyone, the second goal is to become an umbrella for the multitude and wide range of services that are being built today on crypto-currency and blockchain technologies. By relying on the Smart City Platform, and by owning City Coins, you as a citizen and individual, should be able to buy goods and services without requiring any conversion of currencies, or repetitive tasks such as filling out registration forms.

Your identities are stored securely on the City Chain blockchain, and when you purchase a new service, for example insurance, which might exist on a different blockchain and rely on a different currency, you will get the benefits from the integrations built into the Smart City Platform. Sierra coin You simply pick your services, select your identities, and perform payments.

The active subscriptions you have, and the history of payments, are all accessible through your City Hub. To enable this behavior, the platform and services must provide a rich set of APIs and user friendly apps for all platforms. To develop the Smart City Platform will require time and resources, and it is starting now with the City Chain and City Coin.

Practical Uses

Liberstad is a new private city being established in the southern part of Norway. It is during these early stages of city development, that Sierra coin became aware of the challenges and obstacles to widespread usage of crypto-currencies and blockchains technologies in the day to day interactions and trades that humans, merchants and corporations does. As long as the simplicity and utility of cash payments, or payments with credit cards, are easier than the crypto-currencies, there won’t be a widespread usage among the majority of trades and commerce going on around globe.

Crypto-currencies are digital money, in a way that have never existed before in human history. The possibilities with digital programmable money, are huge. To figure out those possibilities and utilize them, require a lot of work. Sierra coin are building the Smart City Platform and the City Chain blockchain so to enable existing cities, new cities and its citizens, access to new experiences and services powered by blockchain-technology.

The Smart City Platform can optimize and modernize how to plan, build and operate cities, enabling city operators to be more efficient and deliver better services to its citizens. It will empower its citizens, with the means to have control of their own data, financial values and identities.