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What Is Shiryo (SHIRYO)? Complete Guide Review About Shiryo.

What Is Shiryo (SHIRYO)?

As development progresses, this document will be updated in accordance, please ensure you check back regularly to stay up to date with the latest developments. Shiryo was born from a like minded collective of blockchain, DeFi and trading card game (TCG) enthusiasts, the team recognised a gap in the market for a high quality TCG that lives on the blockchain and saw this as an opportunity to create something that they are not only proud of, but would love to play.

The majority of the core team members played the likes of Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering and Pokemon in your younger days and are committed to making something that is synonymous with these household names in the trading card game space. Blockchain based gaming is a relatively new and hugely exciting aspect of the cryptocurrency space they have all come to love, almost 1/3rd of the world’s population are gamers (Triple A, 2021).

Last year, the crypto gaming industry had a total market revenue of over $321M (Triple A, 2021), whilst it is speculative it is safe to say that this industry has the potential to grow exponentially. It has been argued by many that blockchain based gaming will usher in mass adoption of cryptocurrency, appealing to both blockchain enthusiasts and the staggering estimated statistic of 3.24 billion gamers worldwide (Statista, 2021). This statistic is only going to grow as cryptocurrency and in game ecosystems become further legitimised as adoption increases.

Shiryo Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameShiryo
Short NameSHIRYO
Circulating Supply981,846,777.31B SHIRYO
Total Supply981,847,205,393,966,100
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The Shiryo token contract is renounced, liquidity is locked for over 400 days at the time of writing and will be locked again well in advance of it unlocking. This has also been audited by Certik with the Skynet upgrade, making us eligible for tier 1 centralised exchanges and ensuring 24/7 contract monitoring and security.

Jordan has a wealth of experience as a web developer, TCG player and has been an advocate of DeFi for a long time. He is an online business prodigy and his attention to detail ensures that no stone goes unturned when it comes to the development and progression of Shiryo as both a game and an ERC-20 token.

Marketing Team

There to share the workload and take some legwork away from your hugely experienced CMO, Marcin. Shiryo marketing cubs are up and comers in the online marketing space who are hungry to prove they have what it takes to join the big leagues. Working closely with your Dapp development team to ensure that they have fully bespoke, proprietary designs for every single one of your NFT’s.

There to share the workload of the rest of the design team and help with the small tasks that need performing day to day – Twitter graphics, Telegram graphics and everything else you see on your social media is usually pieced together by your loyal designer cub.

Vital selling point

The below stills are examples of in game assets and environments included to give your investors an idea of your vision for Shiryo graphic elements. The visual element of this project is hugely important and see it as a vital selling point for the community. They hope this gives you an insight into the true potential both the game and verse aspects have. Please be aware, this is concept art and is therefore subject to change as development progresses.

On your Hero avatar, you will be able to see your remaining health points (starting at 40). If this reaches 0, the game is over and your opponent has won. You can also see how much health your opponent has remaining. You draw a card from the deck at the start of each turn. Cards with a glowing border indicate that they can be played. You may hold up to 10 cards in your hand, if you already hold 10, and try to draw another, it will be burnt.

Your Energy

Each card will have an ‘Energy Score’ on it. Telling you how much energy it costs to play. At the start of the game you start with 3 energy points. They are spent as you play cards on your turn. Your energy is fully replenished at the start of each turn & you gain an additional energy point each turn, until you reach 10. You can place your cards (beasts) in any order you wish, but once played, they cannot be moved on the board. When cards are played, they will take 1 turn to become ready to attack. Unless an ability states otherwise.

Shiryo Your board can hold a maximum of 7 beasts. On your beast you will see an attack score (how much damage it will do to an opposing beast or enemy), a health score (how much HP the beast has remaining until it is ‘dead’ and removed from the board) and any ability it may have. Once you end your turn, your beasts will attack (from left to right) a random beast of the opposing side.

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