What Is Shipit pro (SHPP)?

What Is Shipit pro (SHPP)? Complete Guide Review About Shipit pro.

What Is Shipit pro (SHPP)?

Shipit pro is a full-scale eCommerce services platform enabling sellers, logistics companies and postal operators to sell and import with a fast, transparent and seamless process powered by blockchain and AI. AI based HS classification function guarantees that the products are correctly classified, correct VAT & Duties are shown and the correct declaration is automatically generated. Your novel CO2 tax management solution calculates the carbon emissions of the entire logistics chain.

Shipit pro Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameShipit pro
Short NameSHPP
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply200,000,000
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What Is Shipit pro (SHPP)? Complete Guide Review About Shipit pro.

Eco-friendly Delivery & Returns

The best rates from top carries and everything you need for shipping in one place. Shipit pro green transport solution includes load and road optimization functions and carbon-free delivery options (electric vehicles, bicycles, scooters etc.). In traditional markets, price action is the determining factor of value. This is less so with PAPA since stakers’ equity will increase over time, creating a steadily falling cost basis.

Therefore PAPA balance is more important than face-value price. Stakers should care more about longer-term growth than immediate price action since the protocol dictates a rising price floor for PAPA tokens.

Fully Compliant Customs & Taxes

Secured data communication between seller, importer and EU customs authorities powered by blockchain. We deliver critical services to eCommerce sellers, logistics companies and postal operators. When investors stake their PAPA tokens, they will receive compounding rewards.

Given that the protocol uses bond sales to create a rising price floor for PAPA dictated by the backing per PAPA token, over the long-term, price volatility is not a risk for stakers, since their cost basis will eventually fall below the backing per PAPA token.

Easy Payments & Insurance

One payment at checkout for product, delivery. VAT & Duty and insurance costs. Shipit pro support multiple currencies and crypto payments. Bonders will care more about the price of the PAPA token. This is because bonding assures a static PAPA reward. Let’s assume that the price of PAPA is exactly $1 and a bonder buys a bond of $100 worth of PAPA. Their static assured reward will be 100 PAPA. If the price of PAPA now increases to $2, the bonder will gain $200 USD in PAPA.

SHPP Token

The SHPP token is the lifeblood of our platform’s ecosystem. It is a utility token that will capture the real-world value generated by ShipIt pro. The Shipit pro token will also utilize a 3% sell tax for the main purpose of adding liquidity thus increasing the liquidity floor with every sell. Businesses will be incentivized to buy and hold your tokens to gain access to discounts on your service fees. The level of discounts will be based on a tier system incentivizing higher volume buys.


Every service used by a business that qualifies for your tier rewards will trigger burns in the SHPP token. SHPP token holders will have voting power on core proposals and decisions in future developments of the platform. The face-value of PAPA will ultimately be determined by the market. If buying pressure is high, the price rises. If selling pressure is high, the price falls. The focus of each investor will rely upon the way in which the investor interacts with the protocol.

Falling Prices

In periods of price reduction, bonding will be less profitable since the market price of Shipit pro could fall below the initial price that a bonder purchases. Therefore it is more profitable to buy from the market during dips. This in turn, stabilises prices and allows bond prices to re-adjust and offer discounts once more.

However, it is still profitable to buy bonds during flat price action, since bonds will run at a discount to market prices. This will have the effect of increasing APYs and making market purchases more lucrative, thus bringing market prices up.