What Is Shibonics (SNIS)? Complete Guide Review About Shibonics.

What Is Shibonics (SNIS)?

Shibonics is a $SHIB reflection token. They believe $SHIB will change the whole crypto space. That’s why created Shibonics, the little brother of $SHIB, to help $SHIB conquer the Cryptomarket. A believe that if crypto projects had to rely heavily on the names of their founders to succeed rather than the merit of the tech itself, then Bitcoin would never become what it is today, and Stadium, along with all other new projects wouldn’t be possible.

Battles can be invoked by anyone in the public calling the appropriate method in the Stadium smart contract. If you manage to be the first to invoke it, you will be rewarded 0.1% of the winning team’s treasury. After the battle, the Stadium smart contract will check the Pancake Swap DEX liquidity pool to determine the winner. Every buy in Shibonics will lead to a 1% burn and a 4% reward in $SHIB which goes to the Shibonics holders automatically.

Shibonics Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameShibonics
Short NameSNIS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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More volume increase

More burn on Shibonics and more rewards to reduce $SHIB supply and to support the price. The current implementation of the Stadium smart contract is composed of two tokens which have a 5% transaction fee on all token transactions. The winning token’s treasury is burned, decreasing circulation, but keeping demand the same. This creates a cycle of rewards for communities that perform the best, making each battle something to look forward to.

The fees collected are used to build-up the token’s battle treasury, which is staked during battle. A battle can occur every 9,669 blocks with the Stadium smart contract checking the Pancake Swap DEX liquidity pool to determine which token grew faster in value since the last battle. One of the things that attracted your team to crypto is the ability to participate in global decentralized finance while maintaining a high level of personal privacy.

Utility of Shibonics

Shibonics was not just created to help $SHIB. Shibonics is a utility token with a 2% buyback and burn, coming with a nft market place, a special video game, a unique platform where you can purchase directly flights tickets and make hotels reservations around the world using Shibonics token and $SHIB , $Bone and $Leash, a DEX (onicswap), and more utility to come.

The Stadium ecosystem will include a broad set of tokens that battle each other in a league of competitions (“Leagonomics”) with ever-growing stakes as tokens battle for the #1 spot. They further plan to have a DEX dedicated to the swapping of Stadium-based tokens, which can further provide governance token holders with an additional layer of controls that can be used to enhance
game play mechanics.

Fully Audited & Tested

The Contract is fully audited and independently tested by Solid Proof. Shibonics giveaways and weekly competitions are really second to none. Your community is strong and loyal. Always there to help others and available to chat. This is measured by the amount of underlying token added to the liquidity pool, in your case, BNB. The losing token is penalized by having its entire battle treasury sold on the DEX, and used to buy the winner’s token.

This benefits the winning token with a rise in price at the loser’s expense. Additionally, the winning token’s treasury is burned after battle, decreasing the number of tokens in circulation and further enhancing its value through scarcity. Every battle is a chance to start anew, with both treasuries empty, and growth counters reset.

Summary Of Shibonics Tokenomics

These are the key drivers that make different: Safe, Social, Reliable, Transparent and Fun. Shibonics is dedicated to trust and safety. Technically, no one can ever sell 100% of their Stadium tokens because of the 5% transaction fee. What’s more, even if all major holders decide to sell large portions of their tokens together, the next battle’s treasury will be made massive, incentivising new investors to buy in for guaranteed gains.

Governance Token

Shibonics roadmap includes introducing a Stadium governance token that will enable active participation from the community on gameplay mechanics such as determining battle block times, token treasury fees, the minting of new tokens, their quantities, and other parameters. Also governance token holders will be able to vote on the address used to burn treasury tokens after battle.