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What Is Shiba wolf (SHIBAW)? Complete Guide Review About Shiba wolf.

What Is Shiba wolf (SHIBAW)?

When you mint Shiba wolf Character Cards, they give you weekly rewards to your wallet – but you have to ‘Stake’ them into the site first. To do this, you need to navigate to the ‘My Cards’ section of the NFT site, connect your wallet & approve, choose your card/amount, and click the ‘Stake’ button. That Now you’ll receive the weekly reward payouts. To learn more, recommend viewing your “How to Stake Florida Man Token’s NFTs” video available on this site.

Only Level 3, 4, and 5 NFTs are eligible for supercharged reflections/staking rewards. Your Level 1 and 2 NFTs do not need to be staked, unless you own the complete season. If so, be sure to stake them so the NFT Staking contract recognizes that you own the complete season and you will receive your fixed-price weekly payout in addition to your payouts from the rewards pools.

Shiba wolf Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameShiba wolf
Short NameSHIBAW
Circulating Supply100.00B SHIBAW
Total Supply100,000,000,000
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Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

What Is the Reward Structure for Collecting a Full Season?

If you collect all five (5) seasonal Shiba wolf cards found in your Mystery Packs (Levels 1-5) and stake them, you will receive a guaranteed fixed-price weekly payout, independent of volume. Yes, that’s right. Even if volume is low, you will receive a weekly payment as a reward, on top of volume-based rewards.

  • Season 1 rewards you with MINIMUM $150 USD, paid in $FMAN tokens, every week. Guaranteed. That’s AT LEAST $600 per month, per set.
  • Season 2 rewards you with MINIMUM $80 USD, paid in $FMAN tokens, every week. Guaranteed. That’s AT LEAST $320 per month, per set. These guaranteed weekly payouts are ongoing and indefinite and you still receive additional payouts for the individual cards themselves. Talk about passive income


There is no limit to how many NFTs you choose to stake, and the more you do, the more you earn. For instance, if you stake a Level 3 Shiba wolf, you will receive a portion from the 10% rewards pool that is allocated to wallets that have a Level 3 card staked. However, if you were to stake five Level 3 cards, you would then receive 5x the amount of rewards. With every buy & sell of your FMAN Token, 2% is deposited into the NFT Rewards pool. During the week, this pool grows, and then the entire pool is distributed to the Whole-Set holders, then the individual 3,4 & 5 card holders, in that order – once per week at random.


There is no limit to the amount of rewards that you can earn. However, please be aware of the maximum wallet limit and be sure to keep sufficient space to receive your weekly rewards. Shiba wolf you own a large quantity of tokens, they recommend staking your NFTs in a wallet that has a smaller amount of tokens so you don’t have to worry about holding more than 2 Trillion tokens in your wallet (which would stop you from receiving rewards).

Continue Receiving Staking Rewards?

As Shiba wolf mentioned, the maximum any wallet can hold is 2 trillion, or 2% of max supply. However, the maximum that any wallet can hold and receive NFT staking rewards payments is 1.85 trillion, or 1.85% of max supply. Please refer to the road map available on your site to learn more about upcoming development steps. This is routinely updated as they progress in building out your entire ecosystem. They have meticulously designed a future-proof ecosystem that’s scalable for long-term sustainability.

Maximum Wallet Size

There is no maximum buy amount. However, the maximum amount of Shiba wolf that can be held in a single wallet is 2 trillion tokens, or 2% of the max supply. This is help avoid significant strength or potential price manipulation by those who own a large quantity of tokens. While this is the maximum that can be held in a single wallet, it is possible to purchase $FMAN from multiple wallets if you wish to accumulate a larger quantity.

Shiba wolf Token

Shiba wolf Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency project hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. The Florida Man Token project is operated by Wen Moon, LLC, a registered U.S. based business (Michigan) that staffs over (15) people including contract developers, web developers, graphic artists, SEO experts, Marketing & PR gurus, among others. The project introduces a unique NFT ecosystem that currently offers collectible NFT Character Cards featuring hilarious actual ‘Florida Men’ who have made headlines for their ridiculous acts of crime/behavior. These NFTs can be purchased with your native token ($FMAN) and they can be staked into this site to receive weekly payouts.

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