Shiba Lite

What Is Shiba Lite(SHIBLITE)? Complete Guide Review About Shiba Lite.

What Is Shiba Lite(SHIBLITE)?

Shiba Lite is a community driven meme token, focused on faster transactions and lower fees than Shiba Inu. We are developing a decentralized NFT Lite Launchpad for all NFT creations. They will launch the platform with a wallet app to buy and sell NFTS. Shiba Lite is very generous and will donate 50% of the dApp proceeds to a new charity every month.

Shiba Lite is a meme charity token with utility for both the holders and NFT artists. Shiba Lite was founded on one principle: By the community for the community. They are an ecosystem that is transparent and answers to all the needs of the community. 

Shiba Lite Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameShiba Lite
Circulating Supply400,000.00B SHIBLITE
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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Shiba Lite tokens will be issued, and 600 Trillion tokens have been burned. There is a 7% fee on every transaction. Holders of Shiblite are rewarded with a 3% reflection on every transaction, 2% goes to the liquidity pool, 1% is burned, and 1% goes to a marketing/dev wallet. They know the Shiba Lite family has a lot of artists and creators. For this reason, they are going to deploy an NFT platform.

The NFT Lite launchpad will  allow artists and creators to create an NFT within a dApp. The user can buy and sell NFTs all through the app. Shiba Lite and major cryptos will be accepted as a form of payment on the platform. The profit from the NFT lite launchpad will break down to 50% going towards future decentralized app developments, and 50% going to a charity that gets voted on every month by the community.


Shiba Lite the dev/marketing wallet funds will be used for social media influence to increase adoption. We will launch a crypto article campaign with our media partner. Finally, Shiba Lite Squad will host parties on Youtube with music, visuals, and giveaways. Shiba Lite can only grow and accomplish its mission with your help. They believe in the power of our community.

Spread the word on social media platforms, answer questions, help people, tell your friends. Or, if you have specialized skills, contact us: smart contract development, web development, multimedia/marketing etc. These also welcome help in moderating our communities, apply any time.

Other Guides

There are also a number of guides in the help topic that will walk you through technical problems. Shiba Lite add guides when a problem that may be difficult to solve comes up often, so if you’re having trouble be sure to check here for a guide to your problem. A Core Farm is usually offered to projects who have shown excellent trading volumes on Pancake Swap and have met the standards of our internal review process, while any project can participate in a Farm Auction and win a Farm slot.

Farms and Syrup Pools

Shiba Lite If you wish to increase the multiplier, the team will consider it if 30-day volume is increased. Contact us via your existing PancakeSwap communication channels for enquiries. Qualifying criteria for Community Farms and Core Farms/Pools are based on our internal review process. They don’t publish them externally. If you’re not eligible for a Core Farm, may invite you to apply for a Community Farm instead.

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