What Is Shib Ninja Token(SNT)? Complete Guide Review About Shib Ninja Token.

Shib Ninja Token

What Is Shib Ninja Token(SNT)?

You alone assume the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of any information or other content on the site or associated Social Media platforms belonging to Shib Ninja, Shib Ninja Token, or @ShiboriClan (Twitter/Telegram/Discord). They will NOT be responsible for any gains or loses. It is 100% dependent upon the markets and investor’s trust/faith in the project to continue.

Threats or harassing messages to/about staff will be turned over to social media Admins, or if severe enough, to the Local & Federal authorities (including your IP and Email addresses). The markets control prices, not the staff, keep this in mind. If its falling, help us promote it.  =) It is a community Token and a community effort. Ads can only do so much.

Shib Ninja Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameShib Ninja Token
Short NameSNT
Circulating Supply88,300.00B SNT
Total Supply100,000,000,000,000
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When is Launch Day?

After the pre-sale concludes, and Shib Ninja Token contract is finalized LP will be sent to PCS, pre-sale SNT tokens will be claimable by their owners on PinkSale and all remaining tokens will be burned. Launch day is subject to change. Please check Discord or Telegram for more details on listing date/time.

I bought Presale tokens, so where are They?

Your $SNT tokens will be claimable after the pre-sale contract is finalized. Which will be within 12* hours of the sale ending date (12/21/21). Everything stays ON PinkSale, the SNT dedicated to the pre-sale, and the BNB received for the pre-sale. Shib Ninja Token I will go over everything again and again, to make sure its ABSOLUTELY right, and then execute the contract to finalize on PinkSale & BSC Scan. As SOON as the contract is finalized, the LP will go to PCS, as well as the rest of the tokens held for liquidity will be sent to PCS for purchase, from new potential holders!

Anti-Bot Snipers will be put in place to slow down people doing multiple buys/sells too fast, crashing the token causing panic. These measures will be put in place BEFORE the finalization of the contract, to ensure that investors are NOT dumped on, and that BOT accounts have a MUCH harder time getting into Shib Ninja Token system. The measures will slowly dwindle as time goes on, but can be adjusted at anytime if manipulation of the market is suspected.

While they’re NOT 100% going to remove all BOTs or greedy all Whales, it WILL help us drastically reduce them both! Thank you for your investment, time, and patience while Shib Ninja Token build this project. YOU are here VERY VERY VERY early, so I hope you’re investing for the long haul! We will do your best to advertise, shill, and get the token growing but they also will have to devote attention to building the actual games, NFTs, and Merchandise too. So, as this coins grow, teams will be setup over time to help build this Giant they plan to create, with the SNT Community.

Are SHIB / BSC Rewards Real?

Yes, the rewards will be distributed in $SHIB on the Binance Smart Chain. In May, 2021, based on it’s WILD success, Binance created a peg for the SHIB token. It is worth the identical amount as the ETH based SHIB token, however on BSC gas fees only cost around $1, instead of $120+ per transaction. What is the point of any of this? To build a like minded community, increase Shib Ninja Token MC, add new projects, games, NFTs, etc. 

Shib Ninja Token are folks that are tired of being rugged and let down by developers walking away from projects, or rugging the investors. Enough is enough! Are the most flashy? No. But do have an iron-willed clan of Ninjas that has Diamond Hands, and are going to HODL & let the deflation do it’s job!

Is The Project Rug Proof?

The project will have DOXXED staff, and eventually an audited contract by Tech Rate later as well as (Funds Permitted) by Certik. They have high taxes, reducing the ability to day trade the token for most, and added an Anti-Bot feature to help snip bots that love to rug LPs out from under unsuspecting holders! They also have a Buy/Sell limit that will start at 100B Tokens, and be voted on (by majority vote) and adjusted if need be, as token supply changes.