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What Is Sheeba Inu (SHEEB)? Complete Guide Review About Sheeba Inu.

What Is Sheeba Inu (SHEEB)?

A large portion of the buy and sell taxes goes straight to the liquidity, ensuring a stable price for holders. Having a stable price is very important because it will encourage people to play the game, knowing their rewards will continue to have value. The marketing wallet will ensure that the team has access to top influencers and crypto marketers. If Sheeba Inu going to put all this effort into making a great game, it makes sense to ensure there are funds set aside so can tell the world about it. 2%-3% of all buys and sells goes to rewards for players of your game. The game rewards are the heart of your token, and will keep people coming back day after day.

Sheeba Inu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSheeba Inu
Short NameSHEEB
Circulating Supply1,000.00B SHEEB
Total Supply988,000,000,000
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Sheeba Adventure Beta 0.1 x 0.2

Sheeba Inu Adventure Beta V0.1 is an active Play 2 Earn family friendly web based game that allows non holders and holders to earn ranges of $5-$15 a day in $SHEEBA tokens. The development team has gone out and adopted the cutest Sheeb’s in the Metaverse, and has provided them with all the resources they need to succeed in their mission of creating wealth for holders! During Phase 1, the following will take place. The core team brings together a highly experienced group of individuals to launch Sheeb, including the best developers, artists, game designers, marketers, influencers, and moderators.

Potential investors

Development of the Sheeb Community to ensure a strong team of supporters (Sheeba Inu Army) who understand the $SHEEB mission! This ensures potential new investors have their questions answered quickly, and helps to avoid and kill all FUD. Launch mass marketing campaigns across Twitter, with a strong emphasis on popular influencers. Team will also pursue other strong marketing avenues with great ROI. Partnerships with large influencers and celebrities. These relationships are already in place and being developed, and be pushing out content through them after launch of the token.


The Sheeba Inu Team will continue to work on developing new and exciting use cases for $SHEEB token. The team will focus on perfecting existing use cases, rolling out updates to improve functionality, and maintain a high level presence in the Sheeb chats. The Sheeb team aims to be highly transparent, and listen to the community. The team will always be accepting input from the community about the future and will be taking that into account as plan for phase 3.

Faster Transaction Processing

Leveraging the Balance smart chain, the Monkey tokens are developed on a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain network to avoid the congestion on the Ethereum network (Sheeba Inu also have a ERC-20 standard token for those who want to benefit from Ethereum 2.0). With minimal congestion, the Monkey tokens technical architecture supports processing thousands of transactions within milliseconds. The added security layers and the smart contract details available on the BSC scan and Ether scan for BEP-20 standard and ERC-20 standard tokens respectively allows users to own and invest with confidence.

The interoperability feature helps communicate between networks (Sheeba Inu will be revealing the details of the solution deployed for interoperable communications at a later stage while launching the native DEX), which in turn allows users on the platform hundreds of pairs and options to choose from. Staking Monkey tokens or using the tokens to provide liquidity by becoming a liquidity provider ( LP) on the platform will guarantee investors a fixed APY. The Monkey Defi makes profitable defi investments easy and accessible to all regardless of their investment capacity.

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