What Is Shar Pei (PUPPY)? Complete Guide Review About Shar Pei.

Shar Pei

What Is Shar Pei (PUPPY)?

As a means to provide equitable access to blockchain data, Shar Pei developed the BscScan Developer APIs to empower developers with direct access to BscScan’s block explorer data and services via GET/POST requests. BscScan’s APIs are provided as a community service and without warranty, so please use what you need and no more. They’ve helped you take the first steps by writing some thorough tutorials on how to query and derive popular blockchain metrics. For power users, they’ve also added guides such as how you can program magically verify contracts through API calls and more advanced use cases of endpoints.

For that you may find a suitable endpoint from your wide range of APIs that you can simply query to provide data while you remain fully focused on building your applications. Your curated list of support articles and common questions you may have on topics such as rate limits , common error messages and API key usage across different networks. Having a BscScan account allows you to use sign-in only features and tools such as Address Watch List, Txn Private Notes, Token Ignore List and your very own API keys.

Shar Pei Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameShar Pei
Short NamePUPPY
Circulating Supply620,000,000.00 PUPPY
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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A Company Story

Shar Pei initially is a Chinese breed of large muscular dogs having a distinctive wrinkly skin. So, there is no better breed to change the meaning of meme tokens in the coming years. From the beginning Shar Pei has done things differently. The team behind Shar Pei has a long-term vision and no interest in making money. Starting with a supply of 100B SHARPEI, 50% is already locked for 5 years. Proof of lock can be found here. The remaining 50% of the SHARPEI is locked on PancakeSwap in both the BUSD and BNB pair. Which means that Shar Pei is a fair launch without any seed, private or public sale.

How To Buy

Shar Pei is available on PancakeSwap in both BNB and BUSD pair. They are expecting several more DEX and CEX soon. Please note that SHARPEI is an open-source contract and several different DEX or CEX can list SHARPEI without your approval. Trade at your own risk. SHARPEI is a decentralized token and project, as such, they recommend always using DEX. If you prefer to use a CEX, please make sure it is safe and secure. Once you have setup your wallet, you can send BNB or BUSD from an exchange like Kraken, Coinbase or Binance to your Metamask address.

Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap

  • Go to PancakeSwap and click the “connect to a wallet” button.
  • Click “select a token” and paste your token address in the search bar.
  • Remember to set the right slippage (usually over 5%) by clicking the gear button in the upper left corner.
  • Select the amount of BNB or BUSD that you want to convert to $SHARPEI.
  • Click the SWAP button to finalize your trade. They recommend using the FAST gas options for your transaction to go smoothly.

Distribution of Tokens

Shar Pei is a fully community owned token, there is no pre-mint, seed sale, private sale or other. All tokens are circulating, and liquidity is locked on PancakeSwap. The SHARPEI token is your company currency that allows investors to hold millions, billions or even trillions in their wallets. The team provided enough liquidity to trade SHARPEI without any issues. The SHARPEI company is here to support all community initiatives worldwide.

The Shar Pei are made up of talented individuals who are ready to spread the word and build your brand worldwide. Through the power of the SHARPIES, they invite all community designers to create epic content. The SHARPIES are funded by the community and donations can be sent in BNB or BUSD to BEP20 wallet.