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Servetheworld Web Hosting Review: Leading Provider of Dedicated Servers.

About Servetheworld

If Servetheworld does not achieve an uptime for its web hosting of at least 100% during any calendar month, the Customer shall pay no fee for the web hosting in that month. The Customer must make contact independently if they believe that the uptime guarantee has not been met. Compensation in excess of 1 month’s free web hosting shall not be granted. Server/infrastructure maintenance that has been announced shall not be counted as downtime with regard to the uptime guarantee.

Web hosting/Domains are ongoing services/subscriptions that are billed in advance. They shall be billed 12 months at a time unless other wise agreed. Subscriptions shall be automatically renewed in accordance with the prevailing terms and conditions until a valid notification of termination is submitted. If the Customer terminates their subscription following the commencement of a new billing period, the Customer must pay for the entire billing period in question. The Customer’s payment-related lock-in period shall correspond to the duration of the commenced billing period.

If the Customer is not satisfied after using the web hosting for up to 90 days, and opts to cancel the service, all payments made in respect of the web hosting will be refunded. Any sum paid in respect of Domains will not be refunded. If the Customer’s website causes errors / problems that may be a burden to other users on the same server, or on other servers, ServeTheWorld reserves the right to block the user’s website/service and/or request that the Customer stops using the software causing the issue. 

Some Quick Facts Servetheworld Web Hosting

ServetheworldBasic Details
Hosting NameServetheworld
Price€ 5 / year
Call Support+47 22 22 28 80
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Servetheworld Price

Produce explosives

The Customer undertakes to ensure that the services are not used in a manner that conflicts with applicable laws and regulations. The Customer is responsible for all material placed on the server, as well as for ensuring that no copyright provisions are violated, that any necessary concessions from public authorities exist, and that material which is published does not conflict with applicable laws and regulations. Servetheworld does not accept torrents, file sharing networks, links to warez and the like. The World does not permit material that incites hatred, profane material, recipes for and encouragement to produce explosives or crimes, etc.

Your Customers must comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the norms and etiquettes generally laid down by society/the Internet. The World may close services at its own discretion. The web hosting is intended for use by one organisation or individual. For example, the Customer is not permitted to resell or give away capacity to other organisations or individuals, unless there is an agreement in place with Serve that permits this.

It is permitted to give away capacity to a small group, such as giving away email addresses to family members or to a few friends. Web developers are permitted to use the web hosting as a temporary area during the development of projects on behalf of customers. Once the project has been put into production, it must be moved to its own web hosting, VPS, etc. 


The Customer may under no circumstances claim damages in excess of the sum the Customer has paid for the web hosting provided by The World during the last 12 months – calculated from the date notification of liability was provided. Compensation does not include liability for indirect losses, included lost earnings, consequential losses and other consequential damages. Claims for compensation in the event of breaches of contract must be made without undue delay.


The Customer should initiate termination independently via the control panel, unless otherwise agreed with a Servetheworld customer service representative. If the Customer terminates their subscription in another manner, it is up to Serve to determine whether the notification of termination has been accepted.

Data protection policy

Servetheworld always aim to protect your individual rights and your personal data. This data protection policy describes how they collect, use, store and share personal information. The policy is a supplement to your general terms and conditions, service-specific terms and SLA, your Data Processing Agreement, and other agreements/appendix This data protection policy applies from May 25, 2018, when the General Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) turns active.

By using your services, you accept your Data Protection Policy and your processing of your personal information. You also agree that use different communication paths such as email, SMS, phone or support system to send information to you. It is important that you read and understand your data protection policy before using your services. In order to offer you services, they need to process your personal information as shown below. They do this with the utmost account of your integrity.

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