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Serversaustralia Web Hosting Review: Cloud hosting your way.

About Serversaustralia

Solutions for businesses to accelerate their online growth through world-class cloud server hosting. They are a locally grown and operated hosting provider located on the NSW Central Coast. Serversaustralia focus, is to provide business growth to your customers, free from technical limits. Maximise and boost business performance by streamlining and reducing the number of systems, processes and tools used within your business. Your VMware Private Cloud utilises Enterprise-grade hardware with top-performing storage, memory and compute, alongside high-end software applications to establish a secure Cloud Computing environment protecting you from downtime and profit-loss.

Some Quick Facts Serversaustralia Web Hosting

ServersaustraliaBasic Details
Hosting NameServersaustralia
Email SupportN/A
Call Support1300 788 862
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Virtual, reliable and scalable servers in the Cloud. You’ll have the freedom to choose your own operating system with the resources you need, as your business needs it. Serversaustralia choose the location and bring the equipment and they provide the infrastructure in one of your top-tier secure Data Centres. A flexible option if you want your hardware offsite but want to manage it yourself. A powerful platform that allows your infrastructure to scale alongside your business. High performance, flexibility and cost-effective for you and your business.

Solutions that power business

Founded in 2006, your original mission was to combat the lack of quality in the local web hosting market and solve the many challenges of businesses around IaaS and DRaaS. Fast forward 14 years later, your business has grown substantially but your focus still remains on your customers. Serversaustralia focus on offering hosting solutions that solve real business challenges, and they do it well. They keep up to date with the ever-changing world of technology and make sure that offer your customers solutions that power their business growth and optimise their day to day business operations.

Sales & Support

Serversaustralia team has extensive knowledge when it comes to technology with some Support staff having Computer Science and Engineering Degrees. The Sales team are trained to answer all of your questions and will help you select the right solution for your business. You can outsource your business operations and maximise uptime within a Data Centre by utilising the data centre technical resources or Servers Australia’s technicians. Located on the Central Coast, they love to have your customers come and take advantage of the relaxed surroundings.

VMware Private Cloud

A powerful platform that allows your infrastructure to scale alongside your business. Your VMware Private Cloud solution incorporates high performance, flexibility and remains cost-effective for you and your business. Secure access from anywhere, anytime. Serversaustralia Simplify your processes and technology by automating common tasks and making resources available on-demand whilst keeping your infrastructure secure and private. VMware Private Cloud is a cloud computing, cloud environment that is specifically dedicated to your business with your own private environment that is completely isolated from others.

Servers Australia for Cloud Computing

Choosing Servers Australia for your Private Cloud has great benefits to help stand out in a competitive market. As an added layer of protection, they have combined DR replication and Nimble replication which protects your Cloud Computing environment against disasters such as Crypto-locking, application compromise etc.

Building your next best

Serversaustralia Cloud Engineers work with you to ensure that our VMware Private Cloud solution meets your business requirements. They’re here to support you at every step. They have worked hard to ensure that your VMware Private Cloud is competitively priced. By the time you consider other providers hidden costs for extras, you’ll see your solution includes it all.

Support made easy

You get 2 hours of support per month with your VMware Private Cloud solution. Who else provides you free support hours with their expert technical team? Your solution gives you your own dedicated resources so your business can rely on consistent dedicated performance at all times. No threat of noisy neighbours for your environment. Serversaustralia infrastructure is strategically located within two physical data centres to ensure they provide dual-availability for redundancy and fail-over measures. In the event that a service happens to go down, your modern monitoring tools will alert your engineers immediately, so action can take place.

Leverage your infrastructure

They’re one of Australia’s largest Private Networks supported by great partners such as Equinix, world leaders in providing top-tier secure Data Centres. Serversaustralia solution can move your IT budget to an operating expense instead of an up-front cost. You also benefit from utilising your hardware instead of purchasing pricey infrastructure for your own environment. You have the ability to go for a fully monitored and maintained solution where you’ll save additionally on personnel to maintain the platform from your business. Save money by reducing purchasing aquisitions, storage, cabling, office space, power, utilities and security

Quality hardware

Serversaustralia use Enterprise-grade hardware specifically designed for diverse workloads delivering exceptional performance, scalability and reliability. There are other providers that are ticket support only or answered by bots. They’re here in Australia 24/7 by phone for your support. Simplify your life, your business and remove all the complexity out of your IT. Servers Australia® takes care of all of this for you by managing all the Cloud Computing hardware & software layers for you so you can focus on your business instead of the infrastructure.

This work alongside you to ensure they understand your business and the intricacies that go with it. Your engineers will then design an environment to cater to your specific requirements, giving you time back to focus on your business.

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