What Is Sentivate (SNTVT)? Complete Guide Review About Sentivate.

What Is Sentivate (SNTVT)?

What Is Sentivate (SNTVT)?

The UWR consists of the Universal Web’s Government, Viat, & the Universal Web itself which is the plane that all activity governed by the Universal Web’s Government resides. The UWR provides a democratic societal framework for the people of the Universal Web. The UW is the Web re-imagined. A new Web built to in time replace the old. A culmination of years of Web technology evolution, modern demands, future needs, and past failures all used to redesign the Web.

The UW holds a similar centralized design as the WWW while incorporating decentralized components for each of its core functions and beyond. Focused on being realistic. Sentivate is the name of the project, initiative, and movement behind all that is the UWR. This consists of two primary networks the Universal Web & Viat from a development standpoint. It’s primarily concerned with the cryptocurrency and Web aspects of the project.

Sentivate Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSentivate
Short NameSNTVT
Circulating Supply3.59B SNTVT
Total Supply4,200,000,000
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The Universal Web

Sentivate The Universal Web is the Web re-imagined. They have come to expect much of the Web from features it never had, weren’t intended to have, and to a scale far beyond what it was initially designed for. The UW is built to be a viable & realistic replacement for the modern Web in every way and then some.

The UW addresses the following issues directly bandwidth crisis, outdated Web protocols (HTTP/DNS), identity, accountability, privacy, security, password less, DDOS, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, e-commerce, Web App Development, blockchain, decentralization, Web architecture, Domains, and Web categorization.

At present, Sentivate find ourselves continuing to utilize a ruinous medium of interconnected communication on a global scale. Humanity’s demands are exponentially increasing of which the World Wide Web simply can’t meet. As continue to grow, evolve, and venture beyond the solar system, your imperative task becomes revolutionizing the technology they depend on.

Platforms with increased security

The current state of the World Wide Web is deprecation. If humanity continues to monkey-patch existing problems the Internet will remain the “wild wild west”. Humanity’s ever-increasing demands will never be met by the current state of the Web. Sentivate must start thinking in revolutionary terms and not evolutionary. The solution is a complete replacement of contemporary systems, browsers, languages, protocols, and platforms with increased security, speed, efficiency, accountability, trust, identity, capability, and reliability. To transition into a new age of information must replace that which have become all too comfortable with.

There are a plethora of issues and if they don’t address them Sentivate begin to experience an extremely degraded Web experience and at worse rapid economic stagnation. When you factor in all the dollar signs and worse case scenarios one soon realizes that ignoring the Web’s shortcomings could result in a global humanitarian crisis for first-world nations. A lot is riding on the Web and when the Web falters it has an exponentially debilitating ripple that affects everyone.

Bandwidth Crisis

Bandwidth is limited, Sentivate needs are outgrowing your networks. To solve this issue they need modern revolutionary technology to replace existing components. If they don’t, fast lanes & prioritization of data is your only option. All those fears that folks have of the repeal of Net Neutrality will be our only hope at keeping the Web spinning. The inevitable rise of IoT, more devices per-person, more devices per-household, self-driving cars, increasing populations, & developing countries coming online suck up bandwidth they don’t have.

Sentivate predicted this crisis would occur and then COVID happened. COVID proved that the Web is already close to a breaking point due to the massive stress placed on the Internet from more users sucking up tremendous amounts of bandwidth. COVID proved the bandwidth crisis is very real and right around the corner. This said the bandwidth crisis was a very real concern from the very beginning.