What Is Seascape Crowns (CWS)?

What Is Seascape Crowns (CWS)? Complete Guide Review About Seascape Crowns

What Is Seascape Crowns (CWS)?

Each aspect of the world, from the mundane to the grand, is being turned into a game of some sort. Seascape Crowns drivers are chasing high scores, food delivery runs are ranked with stars, and fintech app developers are working out ways to get the same user retention rates as Candy Crush. Likewise, we see more of the real world being implemented into gaming. AR games reward players for walking around the city, GO skins are fetching thousands in the steam marketplace, and influencers design entire careers around one game.

But a lot is still missing to create a true user-driven economy for all gamers, especially those who spend thousands of hours in one environment and own nothing at the end of the day. Crowns, a tokenized asset designed with the aim of rewarding players for their time spent playing, and the Seascape Crowns Platform, an innovative protocol designed for game developers, aims to change all of this.

A dedicated team of game developers and smart contract programmers, the Seascape team joined the crypto community with great ambition several years ago. Filled with excitement, development began but quickly many complications were faced. These issues tend to be faced by most DAPP developers, which is the reason so many projects over deliver and under perform.

Seascape Crowns Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSeascape Crowns
Short NameCWS
Circulating Supply2,313,948.99 CWS
Total Supply10,000,000
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Lack of Users Incentive

In order to motivate players to join a new platform, great incentives are needed that make the gamer feel like he is really being rewarded for spent time. With the rising popularity of excellent free-to-play titles, the gaming ecosystem is full of amazing products that anybody can play for free. The idea that any user would be willing to educate himself about blockchain, figure out how to work a wallet, and buy crypto currency before even playing a game is laughable.

Crypto industry

The Seascape Crowns market is an untapped source of growth for the crypto industry as a whole. Powered with the appeal of gaming, it will be unstoppable to the up and coming generation of adopters. With less than 10 billion dollars currently locked DeFi markets, and the traditional gaming industry grossing over 150 billion dollars on a yearly basis, the potential for growth is enormous. Current DeFi & NFT models however cannot sustain much more than the current load, and new solutions need to be found in order to provide an appealing platform where users can profit.

Traditional Game Platforms Charge Too Much

Seascape Crowns the average platform taking between 10% and 30% of all gross revenue, profits can be seriously hurt for the majority of developers, especially as the indie game scene continues to grow in strength. There is a real need for a game platform that allows developers to easily publish their games with the least amount of effort possible and without charging enormous fees. If this platform succeeds in attracting developers and also gives them the tools to deploy their very own game chain and in turn incentivize their users, it could be quite powerful.

The Seascape Ecosystem

Seascape Crowns Games are going to play an increasing role in defining the economics of the digital future, but a game isn’t enough to create a vibrant digital world. In order to thrive, the Seascape ecosystem will aim to provide a home to all game developers and users, incentivizing them to develop, play, and trade their assets in a vibrant marketplace that rewards all of its users, both with entertainment and economic benefits. To explain this in more detail, let’s take a look at each moving part of the ecosystem.

Concepts such as staking, CDPs, and yield farming are now becoming mainstream (at least within the crypto community). Inherently, they are gamified aspects of traditional finance. Due to their fun nature, they can easily be implemented into games as part of core gameplay features. Airdrops, Crowns Staking, Item CDPs, as well as a brand-new concept the Player Created Coin (PCC) that clever players will be able to implement when they want to create their own in-game currency. These are all ways for the players to not only increase their in-game power, but also earn real profits while they have fun with the game.