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What Is Token(SCV) Coin Review ? Complete Guide Review About Token

What Is Token(SCV) Coin Review ? Token is vision of a whole suite of products & ecosystem running across multi-chains, with lots of features that let you earn and win tokens & NFTs. To maximize the SCV token’s utility and push the growth of community ecosystem to the next level, the team has decided to give 50% of its token to the community for reward, and 25% for the providing liquidity on PancakeSwap and marketing (and other DEXs in the future), and the rest 25% will be locked in the SCV staking pool Token (SCV) Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Token
Short NameSCV
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max Supply999,988,705
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SCV Bot NFT Catalog Token Currently released two set of SCV Bot NFT:

  • SCV.Finance Beta Invitation NFT
  • SCV.Finance X Collaboration NFT

And are going to release a series of SCV Bot NFT at the public launch of Gatcha and SCV Farms.

Beta Invitation NFT Token The first set of SCV Bot NFT, based on one same design, but each NFT has a unique number printed on the hand of the SCV Bot. Holders of this NFT could access all Pro features. Contract address: 0x86232f68b5bF2a3A03851D98556352512a3b12B9

SCV.Finance X Collaboration NFT Token The build unique NFTs for each protocol SCV.Finance supports, starting with AcryptoS. Those NFTs are only sold in limited time, and contains the same level property as Launch NFTs. Contract address: 0xfe3eea9f826e56ca5702aad50659d801e4ea9320

NFT Market Token NFT market serves as a flee market where anyone could buy & sell all kinds of NFTs. One time purchase will be available at release, auction system will be added later.

How to Buy NFT

There are basically two ways of purchasing NFT on SCV NFT market:

  • Buy a listed NFT
  • Make a offer to any NFTs(whether listed or not)

Buy a Listed NFT Token When an NFT gets listed on market, the seller would set a BNB price for it. You can browse all listing NFTs on NFT market. To buy an listed NFT, simply click the Buy button on the detail page of the NFT, then confirm the transaction in your wallet. BNB will be charged from your wallet and NFT will be sent to you automatically. If the NFT is not available anymore (eg. transferred, burnt, deposited into farms), the purchase transaction will fail and your BNB won’t be charged.

SCV Token Token is the second cryptocurrency project by CoinView team, with no pre-sale, no pre-mine, though do have early investors. Like many other projects, reward various participants that help bootstrap ecosystem. This will be the only way to earn SCV tokens.

SCV Bridged to BSC The ETH2 Token BSC Bridge is an official facility for transferring SCV from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain. The ERC20 SCVs send to the bridge will be locked inside the bridge’s smart contract. And at the same time, the same amount of BSC-Peg SCV (BEP20) will be minted and sent to the user. The locked amount of SCV (ERC20) in the bridge will always equal to the overall minted amount of SCV (BEP20) on BSC. The bridge has a daily limit of 25,000,000 SCV.

SCV Buyback Token Platform profit will be used to buyback and burn SCV once per month, as don’t want to disturb the market too frequently. The profit including:

  • Farm withdraw fee
  • SCV-Bot NFT gatcha payment
  • NFT marketplace trading fee (applies to SCV Bot NFT trades only)

Governance Token will soon launch a governance vault that will allow community members to stake their governance tokens; stakers will receive governance token where 1 governance token = 1 vote, allowing them to decide on key governance decisions.


DeFi Portfolio Token Portfolio helps you watch assets invested all over different chains and protocols, analysis LP & yield distribution and calculate APY realtime, monitor and alert for impermanent loss.

Earn Token With SCV Farms, you can earn BNB & SCV tokens by staking SCV, and boost your APY up to 10x by depositing your SCV Bot NFT into farms.

NFT Market Token Get high rarity SCV-Bot NFTs and sell them for more!