What Is SCC DIGforIT (SCC)?

What Is SCC DIGforIT (SCC)? Complete Guide Review About SCC DIGforIT.

What Is SCC DIGforIT (SCC)?

Dig for It is a decentralized TRX gaming project based on the Tron Blockchain. SCC DIGforIT keep working with the same energy as the first day to provide your community the very best user experience. Your goal is to balance the rush of gambling with a solid gaming foundation based on beautifully crafted 3D games. They are not only game designers and developers but blockchain tech enthusiasts and strongly believe decentralized DAPPs like digforit.com are here to stay; the future is now. 

SCC DIGforIT been around for quite some time, since the early days of Bitcoin, and when got to learn about the TRON blockchain and its smart contracts fell in love instantly. They got in early and we never looked back. Attending Ni-tron 2019 and meeting Justin Sun himself was such an inspiration for and learnt so many valuable lessons in that trip. And keep learning because aim for excellence and in this industry everything is organic and it’s always changing for the better. 

SCC DIGforIT Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSCC DIGforIT
Short NameSCC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply100,000,000,000
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Dig for it and TRON gaming partnership

When SCC DIGforIT got partnered with TRON network knew needed to push the project to the next level and got new additions to the team to solidify your position in the market and keep growing your brand. It was your mutual passion that brought together to form the solid team are today and be able to offer to your community of DIGGERS a platform based on the principles of the “Provably Fair” system and of course full transparency. 

DIG Token

DIG is the client sided internal game token created to make on-chain transactions more efficient and optimize the gameplay for players, by reducing the amount of transactions their TRON wallet will be performing. DIG tokens need to be purchased before a user is able to play any of the games within the “DIG for IT!” platform, with ONE (1) DIG being equivalent to ONE (1) TRX.

These tokens can also be won by players when playing games within the platform, these earned tokens are directly credited to the players account. All DIG tokens can be bought and sold via the in-game store. There is a one percent (1%) fee attached to all sell orders of DIG.

Why Unity 3D

Tron Casinos are usually filled with plain and boring 2D games. SCC DIGforIT want to change that trend and our goal is to balance rewards, the best graphics and provide real entertainment. To deliver excellence to your community they needed a powerful engine. Unity3D brings the power of a stable platform while delivering the best quality possible.


Every 24 hours the top diggers will get an additional bonus in DIG Token according to the total wagered amount. Distribution will be every 24 hours automatically to your wallet. The score is calculated with the sum of the points obtained for playing with the same level up formula. The DIG winning pool is 1% of the total bets placed on the platform.

Level System

The platform has multiple levels you can reach based on your plays. SCC DIGforIT have BRONZE, SILVER GOLD, EMERALD, SAPPHIRE and RUBY. The amount of points gained is determined by the amount played. When you reach a certain total your level will increase. As long as you keep playing you will hold those points.

Every 24 hours your total points will decrease by the amount detailed in this table. You need to keep playing to maintain your level. On the platform you can obtain SCC through a mining system. When you place a bet on the platform you get a certain amount of SCC based on your level.

Bonus Tokens

SCC DIGforIT platform has some uniqueness, they can bring new bonus tokens that you can win with the same bets as an extra reward. Some bonus tokens they have in the platform: TWX, USDT. Follow on social media to keep track of your promotions and special Token events.