Ico Review: Redefining Passive Income Ico Review: Redefining Passive Income

About is the DeFi answer to traditional savings accounts and redefines passive income. Applications in the area of decentralized finance are one of the most important fields of use for digital currencies today. With the help of convenient platforms such as Uniswap users can easily use innovative financial products based on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). The digital currencies that are used for this purpose must be transferred to the respective ledger in which the desired financial instrument is mapped.

Tokens used this way are temporarily “locked” and therefore cannot simultaneously participate in a staking protocol. The user has to make a decision, so to speak, whether he invests his money conservatively and safely by staking or more risk-consciously with greater possible profit using a DeFi product. With a virtual currency is now available for the first time, which makes it possible to profit from staking rewards while keeping the token unlocked and liquid, freely available for use in any other DeFi product at the same time.

Token Basic Information

StatusPast, Trading
Token TypeEthereum ERC20
Token SymbolSVX
Initial Token Price32-40 USD
Hard CapETH 1166 ETH (Total of all ICO rounds)
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Value Proposition


Since Protocol Embedded Staking (PES) allows complete availability of token usage in other DeFi products, rewards can be “doubled” using. In this sense staking rewards are an extra Layer of passive income. The upcoming liquidity incentive program “Trinary” (see paragraph 5) will offer Savix holders another distinctive additional income stream.

Convenient staking is embedded within standard ERC20 transfer functions and is fully automated and 100% passive with no need for user decisions or interactions to receive rewards therefore.


Savix is compatible with any Ethereum based DeFi project. Savix coins can be used like all standard ERC20 tokens for pooling, lending, yield farming, mining and so on, all this while continuously yielding additional staking tokens to holders.

Fair protocol embedded staking evenly adjust all balances according to the embedded supply
development curve (see 3). No preference whatsoever is given to any specific holder. All wallets are treated in the same way, independent of balances, transaction volume or other parameters.


Savix sources are open. All program codes and contracts are made available through Github and can be inspected and tested by anybody. Due to single contract deployment any manipulation of the contract logic or maximum supply is impossible, no minting of additional coins. Staking rewards are fully transparent and predictable.


With there aren’t any reward releasing events at the end of locking periods which could generate cyclical dumps. Except for market reasons selling Savix is never easier or more profitable at any specific point in time, creating a less volatility.

Vision For the Future main objective is to let users profit as much as possible from the new investment opportunities created by decentralized finance with as less barriers as feasible. This is the Savix mission. Therefore we let users combine multiple income streams while keeping full flexibility of token usage. The staking mechanism built into the protocol works without any need for user actions. Users don’t have to lock their tokens and don’t have to claim their rewards since the staking process works completely automated.

The Savix Token

The (SVX) token has got a double function within the Savix ecosystem: SVX tokens create predictable regular interests generated by its protocol embedded staking mechanism. At the core SVX tokens are the DeFi answer to traditional savings accounts since they embody the option to receive rewards which are regular and predictable as classical fiat savings once used to do.

Additionally the flexibility of letting all SVX tokens unlocked while participating in the staking system offers the potential to use SVX tokens as collateral for other DeFi investments at the same time. This double nature of SVX tokens lead to the exceptional concept of multiple streams of passive income made possible. Or, referring to the integration and usage of the Trinary application, to the concept.

Token Sale

The introductory price of the SVX token at the market will be 50 SVX / ETH. A private sale will not be executed. Public presale will be spilt into three phases, each phase – and possible sub-phase – having different discounts and processors. Public trading will start at Uniswap first and then be extended to traditional exchanges for increasing the reach of the token.