What Is Sappchat? (APP) Complete Guide Review About Sappchat.

What Is Sappchat? (APP) Complete Guide Review About Sappchat.

What is Sappchat?

Sappchat Coin (APP) is the world’s first Decentralized Messaging App with integrated Decentralized Banking powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology. Its mission is in connecting people around the world personally, financially, privately, and securely.

Offers a complete, safe, and private ecosystem for mobile communications and operations. Sappchat fully implements Blockchain technology and its bullet-proof encryption to ensure the complete privacy of users. Hence, application was built as a game-changer in the use of mobile messaging and financial operations for users. In they aspire to return to each individual worldwide the control over personal data and privacy.

Predictcoin Coin Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NamePredictcoin Coin
Short NameAPP
Circulating Supply
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Transfer – Receive Crypto While Chatting

With Sappchat, you can finally send text messages and share cryptocurrency at the same time. Peer to Peer payment between users has never been easier.

DeFi Is Available On Sappchat

Sappchat Coin Save your cryptocurrency on and earn interest up to 130% APY. With , you can borrow instant loan by pledging your cryptocurrency assets as collateral. Sappchat is making decentralized mobile banking available for everyone globally.

Sappchat Offers The Coolest NFTs And Stickers Shopping Experience

Easily discover, create, store and trade all your unique crypto NFTs (non-fungible tokens), stickers and game assets in one place. Sappchat shop is secure, reliable, and convenient. 

Best All In One Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet

With you can buy, send, receive and store all your coins and tokens easily, quickly and securely. They supports over 50+ blockchains and 200+ cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, etc.


Sappchat reward and punishment strategy also allows the government to decide who can be employed in the public sector and even who can get access to public services or be prevented from receiving them. In this way, the government builds channels for confidential users to access public services, optimizing administrative services and reducing transaction costs.

In contrast, citizens on the blacklist receive penalties and restrictions that affect their social, political and economic activities, as well as their well-being. The Chinese government presents its social credit policy as beneficial to citizens. Clearly, by monitoring the activities of users in MIMs, payment and banking apps, the government can enforce its intentions and eliminate potential opposition at the cost of privacy and civil right violations.

Enabled technology


Sappchat Coin platform is decentralized through blockchain technology. Attacks on your sensitive data are impossible.

Built on Multi-Chains

The Sappchat is built on multi-chains technology smart contracts enable users to manage all their variety of digital assets securely in one place.

Superior end-to-end encryption

The security protocol developed on genuine end-to-end encryption and blockchain based authentication.


Blockchain-based, distributed platform that aims at safely, privately and securely
connecting users worldwide by cutting edge of encryption and mobile communication technologies. They built upon the Sappchain – the technical partner’s Blockchain, especially developed to cater to the needs of users of both cryptocurrencies and communication technologies.

Blockchain technology

Sappchat Coin Blockchain technology does not only have the potential to increase the privacy of messaging applications, but can also completely decentralise these applications. With blockchain, government censorship and server failure from a single point can be prevented, since it is a decentralised technology.

Blockchain makes business operation on the planet well organised and safer. The decentralised messaging app that has currently become one of the most useful blockchain communication platforms. By focusing on decentralisation, They designed to protect users’ data and payment, as well as provide complete privacy for everyone around the world.