What Is Santas War NFT Epic (SANTAWAR)? Complete Guide Review About Santas War NFT Epic.

Santas War NFT Epic

What Is Santas War NFT Epic (SANTAWAR)?

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The website visitor indemnifies the website creators and all members of project creation and administration, from any responsibility regarding their financial decisions. Santas War NFT Epic Game is free to play, with the option for purchasable in-game characters and weapons, accessories, and limited edition Mrs. Claus. However, just enjoy the game endlessly.

Santas War NFT Epic Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSantas War NFT Epic
Circulating Supply5.00B SANTAWAR
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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Daily Fight-to-earn

Players can earn Santas War NFT Epic tokens by fighting through levels. There are a certain number of tournaments per day to see how far you get without losing a life. The more players that join the bigger the prizes. The inter dimensional marketplace is where you can buy and sell your Mrs. Claus for $SANTAWAR. The value of your Mrs. Claus is determined by the marketplace.

What is Santa’s War Epic NFT Game?

This is an epic P2E fighter game built on the Binance Smart Chain that also rewards you in BUSD for holding. Santa Claus has been kidnapped by the evil Christmas Cyber Grinch. Christmas is canceled if Santas War NFT Epic can’t get Old St. Nick back. Mrs. Claus is going to fight to bring her man home. She has to fight through various levels against Dark Elves, Street Thugs, Evil Reindeer’s and The Grinch and his lieutenants to rescue Santa and save Christmas. Players can use various inter-dimensional Mrs. Claus NFTs to fight and battle through 8 heart pounding levels. Players will earn crypto by playing or getting high scores.

There are four characters now

Jessica Kringle is the main default character in Santa’s War. Before he was Santa Claus, he was Kris Kringle, a simple toy maker. Santas War NFT Epic and Kris have been married for ages and together through the years, they’ve brought cheers to billions of children around the world. When Jessica isn’t helping Santa, she’s making cookies with the elves and caring for the reindeer’s on Mondays. Tuesdays through Sunday she’s training in 4 different types of hand to hand martial arts combat with the grand elf master in preparation for a day like this.

Santas War NFT Epic will cut through an army of dark elves to get her husband back and save Christmas. Kristine Kringle lives in a parallel dimension to Jessica Kringle. They’re almost alike in every way except Kristine comes from an animated universe where candy canes and reindeer’s can sing in real life. But, don’t let those big eyes fool you. She’s an Olympic boxing champion. Her moves are swift and fast and she’ll knock you out with her lightning fast uppercut.

How do i mint these characters?

The NFT Marketplace will open in a few weeks. Right now its Free to Play. You’re basically getting in on the soft launch, and your chance to experience Santa’s War for FREE. Santas War NFT Epic added a ton of new features to make playing even more fun, and they will continue making lots of changes, adding more content, and fixing pesky bugs. They have expansion packs that add other components like the Easter Bunny and Summer games. Play all the way to the end to see some of the cool hidden Easter eggs.