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What Is Salary (SLR)? Complete Guide Review About Salary.

What Is Salary (SLR)?

Salary is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token built on ‘best-in-class’ Decentralized technology, automatically rewarding holders in Pegged USD ($USDTether), a regulated, stable-coin, pegged 1-1 with the US dollar. SALARY was designed with many initiatives and goals in mind – but with one Mission at the heart of them all. To provide consistent, meaningful, and ‘life-changing’ passive income to all participants of the ecosystem.

Salary Eco Finance is proud to be the world’s first Yield Generation token to reward its holders in $USDTether. It is establishing a new standard in DeFi 3.0 Tokenomics with its innovative and life-changing token distribution strategy. Crypto Salary is intended to be held long-term to generate passive income and capital growth. Due to the stable-coin rewards being paid on all transactions, investors benefit during both Bull and Bear markets.

Salary Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSalary
Short NameSLR
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000
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Loyalty is trust. Trust is a new currency, much like Bitcoin, because the level of trust between a company and its customer directly translates to how each may benefit from each other. At Salary believe that the cryptocurrency and traditional finance sectors are severely disconnected. Individuals all over the world struggle to find ways to send/receive funds at a reasonable cost while maintaining the strongest levels of security and convenience.

Even though technological advancements in the Decentralized Finance space have made tremendous strides in mitigating costs, increasing efficiencies, and maintaining the highest levels of security, there remains a need for a strong “bridge” between these two “worlds”. SALARY intends on being this bridge. Your road will be a winding one – with many milestones and checkpoints along the way. They encourage you to join on this adventure.

At the onset of your journey, they proudly bring you centerpiece technology, the SALARY token – a deflationary, friction less yield generating asset that enables holders to earn passive income by just holding it in a BSC wallet. This is just your first step. In the coming months, they intend on building on-chain activity via a plethora of new projects, such as your Debit Card, your Mining token (SLRM), and more.


‘Smooth as Silk Frictionless Yield Generation’ – Unlike other coins/tokens that require staking in liquidity pools or other complicated steps to earn rewards, SALARY requires you to simply hold the token in your wallet (along with enabling USDT) to start earning.

‘Your Rewards, Your Terms’ – SALARY pays out rewards in USDT (Tether), a stable-coin tied to the US Dollar. USDT is by far the most popular stable-coin, and has market pairs with almost every other cryptocurrency in existence. No need to needlessly convert or swap your tokens into other currencies like so many other projects.

‘A Monster-Sized Reward Structure’ – SALARY offers its holders the highest reward payout structure in the crypto space – at a whopping 8% on all buy and sell transactions.

‘A Robust Road Map’Salary entire model is driven by market trading volume. To ensure on-chain volume continues to grow at a steady pace, the team has a ton of projects and upgrades on the horizon. Be sure to check your Road Map section for updates.


The Salary Team is comprised of individuals with real-world experience solving real-world problems. As cryptocurrency has continued to evolve in different directions, a growing need for a strong business mindset has arisen. Coupled with a need to solve real-world economic challenges (basic income, inflation, cost of banking, etc.) the necessary elements for a successful cryptocurrency have become multi-faceted.

The team behind Salary consists of a group of well-established professionals in the fields of finance, mathematics, business, and marketing. The team has been fully Doxxed, are KYC-verified, and communicate directly with the community via regular AMA’s and chats on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and Discord.

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