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What Is SaintPatrick (SPT)? Complete Guide Review About SaintPatrick.

What Is SaintPatrick (SPT)?

Liquid staking mechanics have been designed to return the highest rewards to long-term SaintPatricktaking terms that range from 45 days – 365 days. Liquid staking positions will receive boosted rewards based on term length. Investors in the longest-term liquid positions will receive the highest returns. Rewards will be issued in both the native CNV token and non-native tokens such as DAI or Frax. The reward structure is documented below.

SaintPatrick Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSaintPatrick
Short NameSPT
Circulating Supply1.00B SPT
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Non/Anti-Dilutive Emissions

Liquid staking pools will receive immediate compounded rewards to its position based on the supply inflation generated through purchased bonds. Each liquid staking position will capture a percentage of supply growth as a function of CNV minted through your fixed-term accrual bonds. Those in the longest locked staking position (the 1-year lock) will never be diluted and will increase their share of the market cap when other rewards are considered.

This will be reinforced directly in protocol contracts through a staking cap on non-dilutive positions and the minimum price on bonds. These components ensure all liabilities to protocol SaintPatrick undid rewards to their staking positions through new supply issued on bonds. These rewards will be redeemable at the end of the users staking term.

Long term Emissions

Each bonding event creates an available rewards pool of CNV that can be rewarded. A surplus is generated after anti-dilutive rewards are paid to staking positions. A portion of excess emissions will be allocated to a long-term emissions pool that will be rewarded to stakers over a vesting schedule. The remainder will be recycled back into bond issuance to protect treasury backing. Emissions rewarded to SaintPatrick will be capped at an aggregate APR controlled by Policy.

This long-term emissions pool will grow over time allowing for continuous rewards to stakers regardless of bonding activity. Staking positions will receive a boost on these rewards according to term length. The longest liquid staking position will receive the highest return while the shortest liquid staking position will receive the lowest return.

Treasury Dividend

Concave will actively manage its treasury implemented across a number of investment portfolios and product lines. These are documented in greater detail below. The yield return on these strategies will be paid out to liquid stakers in the form of a dividend at defined intervals. SaintPatrick will receive a boost in their dividend according to staking term length. Dividend payouts will be allocated master chef style (ie. Non-native token) to ensure additional revenue streams for stakers while maintaining long term protocol health.

Secondary Markets

Protocol SaintPatrick will receive an NFT that represents their liquid staking position. On protocol launch, Concave will provide the proprietary marketplace to ensure liquid can trade their positions represented by NFTs. The secondary market helps both the protocol and users reach an equilibrium where everyone benefits – this further incentivizes stakers to choose longer term staking positions.

Treasury Management

Concave has developed sophisticated and efficient treasury management strategies to take advantage of the copious yield generating opportunities in DeFi. Given the large size of your team and your vast experience in the field, they are always looking to innovate and form new treasury management strategies to exploit marketplace inefficiencies. The experimental nature of the DeFi ecosystem gives opportunities to generate immense value for your stakeholders.

Concave’s investment research differs from other protocols in your unique ability to source alpha, which consists of a multifaceted approach to research. Some of these approaches are automated, referred to as machines. Pre-Market Opportunity Machines scrape Twitter, Discord, and social media for relevant pre-market projects that are followed by notable thought leaders and crypto Twitter personalities.

Market Opportunity Machines use natural language processing and statistical analysis to gauge sentiment around current opportunities that are actively trading, scraping sources such as Medium, Google, blockchains, and macro event calendars for information. Comparatively, SaintPatrick investment researchers maintain membership in most of the notable private alpha channels. Concave also incentivizes our large community to bring independent alpha to your researchers, who will make traditional investment analyst-style pitches to your portfolio managers.

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