What Is Safenetwork.tech? (MAID) Complete Guide Review About Safenetwork.tech

What Is Safenetwork.tech? (MAID) Complete Guide Review About Safenetwork.tech

What Is Safenetwork.tech?

Safenetwork.tech (MAID) was launched in February 2006. It is a project that aims to decentralize the Internet. According to the developers, its concept predates Bitcoin (BTC) by several years. The SAFE network works similarly to the TOR network, meaning that all online content is distributed and accessed through a peer-to-peer (P2P) mesh network. Maid Safe Coin is a token for Safe Coin, a decentralized currency for the decentralized SAFE network, which is maintained by the users’ extra hard disk space, processing power and data connectivity level.

Safenetwork.tech Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSafenetwork.tech
Short NameMAID
Circulating Supply452,552,412 MAID
Total Supply452,552,412
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Always Free to Access

Safenetwork Coin Information is always free to access. You’ll never be charged for browsing or downloading. The Safe Network guarantees equal access to data for everyone. You don’t even need an account, just download the browser.

Keeping your data private

Next, let’s talk encryption. Imagine you want to store a photo. That data is protected by a number of layers of encryption. Your photo starts by being broken into pieces which are then encrypted with the other parts of that same file. This ‘Self-Encryption’ happens before the data ever hits the Network. So, unless you choose to override it, none of your data touches the Network unless it is encrypted. And it’s designed so that you’re the only one that ever holds the key.


Safenetwork.tech Privacy and security should be available to everyone, not just those with deep pockets. That’s why the Safe Network encrypts all data by default, automatically splitting it into many pieces which constantly move to locations around the globe that cannot be traced. And your access to them is untraceable too. No more hacked data, no more stolen passwords, no more eavesdropping. Private. Secure. Anonymous.


Serverless Internet

The Web is fragile today partly because data is stored in central locations. These become targets for hackers, thieves and data harvesters, or anyone else who wants to snoop around your personal data. The Safe Network doesn’t have these centralized servers. It has no single point which can be attacked, hacked or snooped upon. All uploaded data is broken into chunks, encrypted, dispersed across the Network, and continually moved between computers.

Complete Control of Your Data

Safenetwork Coin the Safe Network turns the current data ownership model on its head. Gone are the days of your personal information being stored on corporate servers. Self Authentication means you are in complete control over your data: it resides with you. Grant permission for apps to connect to it, and no company or third party ever has access.

Digital Economy

Welcome to the new economy where you no longe r pay for your digital life with your personal data.  Instead, you’ll use Safe Network tokens, a crypto currency that is integrated into and distributed entirely by the network. Users are compensated for providing their resources and can use this to pay developers to use their apps in a virtuous and self sustaining cycle. Safe is a netwvork where wealth is shared based on the value that everyone provides.

Global Scale

Safenetwork.tech Whilst Sections stand alone, the Network is designed to enable trusted communications. It does this by ensuring that any contact between unknown computers is accompanied by cryptographic proof that every computer involved is a valid part of the Network. With Secure Message Relay comes Data Chains, a novel way which ensures that vast quantities of data can be passed reliably and securely between different nodes that have never known each other previously. All of this is made possible by the key design decision that they started with: all data is stored on the Network. Encrypted and ready to scale the globe from Day One.