What Is SafeMoon Inu (SMI)?

What Is SafeMoon Inu (SMI)? Complete Guide Review About SafeMoon Inu.

What Is SafeMoon Inu (SMI)?

SafeMoon Inu is the result of Doge and Safe moon. The meme token with beyond moon potential. Enjoy the memes, stay for the laughter and work together as a community to explore the galaxy. Safe Moon is basically fixing what other projects are missing. Liquidity is locked for 6 years and ownership has been renounced. Safe Moon deserves as much visibility as possible. That is why we created the Community Marketing Wallet.

Safe Moon is a community driven meme & gaming token. The Anti-Paper Hand system distributes 2% of every transaction to holders. This incentivizes all hodlers and rewards people that stay on board. The upcoming play-to-earn metaverse gaming platform SMI Play with in-game NFTs will offer additional rewards for SMI token holders. Safe Moon Inu is a smart ERC20 token with beyond moon potential.

SafeMoon Inu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSafeMoon Inu
Short NameSMI
Circulating Supply1,000.00B SMI
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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ERC20 Token

SafeMoon Inu The invention of Ethereum was revolutionary to the blockchain ecosystem as a whole, as for the first time ever people gained a way to launch their own tokens and smart contracts. For years, the Ethereum network was the default place for launching innovative blockchain -based projects. There are many benefits of the ERC20 standard. It makes it possible for developers to develop DApps on the Ethereum blockchain. It also helps streamline the whole standardized process. This is the reason that $SMI use the technology of ERC-20 Token. That is why we created the Multi-Sig Community Marketing Wallet.

Please donate to the Address below to help the project. One of the two parties in an initial period can announce its urgency today, getting more goods or value today, or giving up value, depending on the shock, if patient, and the second party announces its preference shock tomorrow. If that announcement by the first agent for today were public, it would undercut insurance possibilities for tomorrow, as more of the underlying unobserved state would be known.

SafeMoon Inu The second party wants to be able to smooth tomorrow over its own shocks, if possible, so that insurance is desired ex ante, giving or getting as a function of being patient or urgent. The idea extends to agents suffering from the risk of balance sheet shocks and to multiple agents, as SMEs, money transfer organizations, and the collection of dealers who make markets.


SafeMoon Inu is the result of Doge and Safe Moon. The meme token with beyond moon potential. Enjoy the memes, stay for the laughter and work together as a community to explore the galaxy. Safe Moon distributes 2% to holders. This incentivizes all holders and rewards people that stay on board. The content of this whitepaper is provided for information purposes only and shall not in any way constitute an investment advice or investment recommendation in any product discussed.

Buy at your own risk. SafeMoon Inu ($SMI) is a meme token. It is strongly recommended that you seek professional investment advice before making any investment decision. Any investment decision that you make should be based on an assessment of your risks in consultation with your investment adviser. Set the slippage tolerance to 3%-5%. Enter the amount of $ETH (or any other ERC20 token) you would like to swap and make sure to keep enough $ETH in your wallet for gas fee.

Platforms as Custodians

Another implication of private information when there are private unobserved idiosyncratic shocks to endowments, to preferences, or to balance sheets, and as well publicly seen aggregated shocks to technology or asset transformation, then it can make sense for households, firms and traders to delegate portfolio decisions. This can happen in principle with village funds, cooperatives, wealth managers, up to formal exchange-traded funds that can be undone only by designated participants.

SafeMoon Inu This allows front loading, giving out more today as opposed to tomorrow. This can happen when incentive constraints bind and limit trade in future periods— the value of having future resources is more limited. But delegation can also be back loading, pushing the rewards to future periods. This strengthens intertemporal incentives by having more at stake in future periods to reward participants, depending on what is said today.

SafeMoon Inu These types of incentives here can be undercut if agents (households, money transfer organizations, providers of liquidity) can retain control over part of their portfolio and make decisions on their own. Thus, the argument for having a private e-coin for awards and penalties that by construction are under control of the multi-agent exchange system.