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What Is SafeMoon-AVAX (SAFEMOONA)? Complete Guide Review About SafeMoon-AVAX.

What Is SafeMoon-AVAX (SAFEMOONA)?

SafeMoon-AVAX also believes that individuals will volunteer certain conservation behaviors as a method for seeding the marketplace. They have carefully selected conservation activities that are available in the developed and developing world to maximize the ability of all people to contribute their own conservation behaviors. Simple choices make every day have a surprising carbon dioxide footprint, and they are excited to see how individuals demonstrate their personal commitment to managing their climatic effects.

SafeMoon-AVAX will also recruit more people and organizations that will list their resources for avoiding or mitigating greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. The main emphasis will be on high-quality, verifiable methods and diversification. The accessibility of Ethereum from fiat currencies will only grow during this same period, as proven by the adoption of Ethereum for new central bank currencies.

SafeMoon-AVAX Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSafeMoon-AVAX
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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SafeMoon-AVAX expands the aggregate supply and demand of carbon dioxide mitigation. Donations have their place; regulations have their place; individual websites that offer such offsets have their place. Marketplaces fact have a broader network benefit through multiple buyers and sellers. With transparent incentives the adoption and virility within such a network is typically accelerated. Ethereum also offers a more extensible medium for exchanging value. The relative anonymity of blockchain is helpful as some organizations do not want to acknowledge their carbon footprint and the amount of offset they need.

The immutability of a distributed ledger ensures no cheating on the budget. More importantly, can organically scale out to the Earth’s needs. SafeMoon-AVAX NFT smart contracts are efficient in how they manage transaction costs. The Ethereum nodes available can keep pace with the scale of NFTs need to transact. The economic relationship between the variables of supply and demand provides a clear cost and benefit at each stage.

Digital experiences

Envisioning your ERC-1155 Contract. NFTs have become a fun way to collect digital experiences and art. ERC-based tokens have even become memes. They are building a serious token. Each SafeMoon-AVAX NFT transacted in the Ethereum ledger represents a debit or credit in your global carbon budget. Renewable Energy Credits (REC) are a superb innovation, but the ledger tracking them is not public, not global, and not immutable.

SafeMoon-AVAX propose an alternative implementation of the Hyper ledger eThaler Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project that can be found at to review the differences between the projects and how they have chosen to use the ERC721 & ERC1155 token standards instead.


SafeMoon-AVAX foresee three main uses of NFT in this domain. Your initial idea and priority is to create NFT for making CO2 offset, avoidance, and sequestration activities available in a broad-based market. Second, as mentioned earlier, RECs are also important precedents in this area. There could be value in having a public ledger of them. Third, once they absorb and avoid enough greenhouse gases to stabilize the global temperature change, they have to maintain an equilibrium of carbon neutrality. Having a public ledger of actual emissions is the third potential use of NFTs.

Digital certificate

All three are potential Non-Fungible Token types that serve as an entity’s digital certificate of authenticity showing that an organization or project has completed its operations within globally accepted emissions standards by offsetting any excess emissions using a combination of offsets and/or REC’s purchased on SafeMoon-AVAX to achieve an emissions offset score within acceptable limits and tolerances defined for each industry.


Audited Emissions Tokens cannot be transferred, they are retired as soon as they are issued, and they stay with the organization that was audited as a record of their emissions. Offsets and REC’s can be transferred (traded) until they are retired out of accounts that need an offset. When an Audited Emissions Token is marked as “retired”, it is counted as the emissions reduction baseline of the retiring organization, and it cannot be transferred.

Offsets and REC’s are tokens that are then counted against the Audited baseline of an entity to determine its overall emissions offset score. SafeMoon-AVAX an Offset or REC token is retired by an organization, it is counted against the emissions budget of the retiring organization, and it cannot be transferred.

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