Safebitcoin (SafeBTC) Coin Review: It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021

Safebitcoin (SafeBTC) Coin Review: It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021

About Safebitcoin

SafeBitcoin aims to start a revolution in financial freedom. While SafeBitcoin is a “Store Of Value” like Bitcoin, it also employs the standard frictionless, deflationary, and yield generating protocols typical of Decentralized Finance tokens.

The tokenomics provide an automated system of passive income through a 4% tax, written into the smart contract. Without having to stake or lock your tokens, SafeBitcoin Coin continuously rewards users, the holders, with a distribution of 2% from the 4% taxed on every transaction.

The other 2% of that 4% tax is locked and burned in a liquidity pool forever, therefore decreasing the supply with every transaction. SafeBitcoin (SafeBTC) is a deflationary, yield generating community token originally launched on the BSC network. It’s now launched on the ETH network and they are currently undergoing a Presale round.

SafeBitcoin Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name SafeBitcoin Coin
Short Name SAFEBTC
Circulating Supply393,036.05B SAFEBTC
Max Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
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Powerful Features

SafeBitcoin (SafeBTC) is referred to as a Store Of Value such as Bitcoin (BTC) with the additional benefit of yield-generating typical of DeFi.

Liquidity Auto-lock

2% of each transaction is locked in liquidity and burned.

Yield Generating

2% of each transaction is redistributed to holders.

Initial Burn

SafeBitcoin Coin 50% of total initial supply was sent to the Dead wallet and burned.


2% of each transaction is burned forever making it deflationary.

Renounced Ownership

Contract ownership was renounced. Contract is now locked.

Token Economics

SafeBitcoin has a total supply of 1Q (quadrillion) tokens. 482.6T+ (trillions) tokens will be burned forever (by Unicrypt) making the current Circulating Supply 518T. Here the exact supply allocations:

How to Buy SafeBitcoin

SafeBitcoin Coin is available already on PancakeSwap and has been launched on the Ethereum network as well. Follow instructions below to safely buy it.

  1. Pancake/Uniswap – Launch the official PancakeSwap or Uniswap Dex websites.
  2. Connect – Connect your trusted wallet (Trust/Metamask) using the proper network (Ethereum or BinanceSmartChain).
  3. Gas Balance – Make sure to have enough ETH or BNB to cover fees.
  4. Buy – Paste SafeBitcoin contract, set the slippage to >5% and purchase the desired amount.

The future of DeFi is SafeBTC

The project development just started and yet we have achieved numerous milestones. The team is working hard to keep SafeBTC on the verge of innovation in the DeFi space.

Why SafeBitcoin is different

Transfer of assets are not part of the chain. By the third party, they refer to the government of countries, central banks, and other financial systems. Power is completely dispersed from such entities and placed in the hands of the users. As a decentralized financial entity, its operations are run by a network of users making it very secure. The transactions are confirmed and recorded on the Blockchain and not by third parties.

The vertical and horizontal scaling of the software application creates a system that allows for authentication, database, and accounts recording. Due to this, there is an elimination of user fees, fraud, and theft. SafeBTC runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is currently listed on BSC dex exchange: PancakeSwap.

Who can use SafeBitcoin?

Any interested participant can be a part of the SafeBtc network and community. SafeBTC has no institutional or investors ownership. Original developer and creator renounced to his ownership and SafeBTC is now a fully community-owned token. This is enabling SafeBTC to build a global brand of a safe, trusted, fair, border-less and friction-less, gas-free cryptocurrency combining Store-of-Value and passive income. SafeBTC has been fully audited and declared safe.

Token Economics

Having constant “burns” is a way of keeping the community rewarded and increasing the value of the token as a consequence of the constantly shrinking supply. At launch, 50% of the total supply was instantly burned. 23.7% was allocated for a minimal presale that sold our instantly and another 23.7% was plowed into liquidity while the remaining 2.5% was secured for marketing, operations and future developments.


SafeBitcoin Coin price fluctuates following the standard supply and demand basics of finance and economics. Its shrinking supply is allowing for higher price floors. On our website you can see a live tracker of its price, circulating supply, burned supply. If you are a token holder, you will notice your holdings steadily increasing.

SafeBitcoin Protocol

SafeBTC, as a protocol, has a mission to ensure that transactions are easy, secure, fast and cost-less. There is a guarantee of protection from wallet theft, viruses, and Trojans and its code has been fully audited.