What Is Ryo-currency? (RYO) Complete Guide Review About Ryo-currency.

What Is Ryo-currency? (RYO) Complete Guide Review About Ryo-currency.

What Is Ryo-currency?

Ryo-currency Launched in Jun 2018 and based on the Cryptonote foundations of Monero, Ryo is headed by fireice_uk and psychocrypt, a duo with development work on opensource mining software proof of work algorithms. The team claims that the Ryo blockchain does not have the 0-mixin Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) that characterize older Cryptonote chains because Ryo has ring sizes of 25. These settings reportedly reduce the chances of being identified and traced by blockchain statistical analysis. The Ryo developers implemented a uniform transaction ID system that hides the use of payment IDs because all transactions now have a uniform ID that is retrofitted with the old payment ID system.

The team claims that Ryo is the first amongst various Cryptonote currencies to implement this feature, which addresses the metadata leak that reportedly affects Cryptonote coins with payment IDs. Ryo aims to function as a store of value that is suitable for highly confidential transactions. The core mission of the project is to deliver a currency with true fungibility. This means that each coin is equal and interchangeable; the team claims that it is highly unlikely that any coin can ever by blacklisted due to previous transactions.

Multiplier Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMultiplier
Short NameRYO
Circulating Supply32,250,731.10 RYO
Total Supply32,368,043
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How To join Us?

Ryo-currency Coin In order to join, you must hold an interest in the project by having at least 50,000 Ryo and provide key images as proof. The reason this is a requirement is to make sure members are serious about the project and have the capital to make their ideas a reality. Alternatively, they may invite members of the community who have already contributed noteworthy components to the Ryo ecosystem. Large pool operators are also welcome to join the group. Note that you are not required to send us 50,000 Ryo, just provide proof that you hold that amount in your wallet.

Confidently Transact with the Highest Degree of Anonymity


Ryo was conceived with the highest levels of privacy in mind. Ring Confidential Transactions with minimum ringsize of 25 were implemented to conceal every transaction in Ryo network. Following migration to zk-proofs will make potential tracing of Ryo recipients even more impossible. Have piece of mind knowing that what you choose to do with your money is your business, not anyone else’s.


Ryo-currency as privacy is the core foundation of Ryo, sending and receiving addresses are encrypted and transaction amounts are obfuscated by default. Disposable ghost addresses conceal your real Ryo address from senders, allowing for truly anonymous and untraceable transactions. The uniform payment ID system, makes transactions that use payment ID-s untraceable and hides the very fact that you use ID-s.


Ryo adds privacy to the core of Satoshi’s vision of a decentralized, trustless ryptocurrency. Many other initially GPU oriented cryptocurrencies fell prey to centralization caused by ASICS/FPGA/BOTNETS. Ryo will (as it has in the past) not allow this type of centralization to occur on its network through continued development of Ryo and its Cryptonight-GPU algorithm.


Ryo-currency Coin is truly fungible because of its built-in privacy features. Just like cash, nobody knows who had possession of any particular coin before them. Even better than cash, nobody knows the identity of who they’re sending their coins to. It is extremely unlikely that Ryo will ever be blacklisted by any third party due to any association in prior transactions.


Ryo allows you to use a new ghost address for every transaction you receive. Never receive coins with the same address twice, even further reducing the astronomically tiny chance of you and your transactions to be traced.

Easy to Use

Ryo-currency Ryo Wallet Atom and Web wallet Quasar are user friendly wallets that let you store, send and receive Ryo. They are available on both PC and phone platforms.
The desktop wallet Atom is one of the most easy-to-use and intuitive wallets around and it also supports GPU SOLO mining, view-only wallets and has many more features.

Ryo Wallet – Built from scratch with a modern codebase & feature rich

The initial version of the GUI wallet was welcomed by community as a user friendly and intuitive solution for sending and receiving Ryo. However it was built with outdated technology, so the Ryo wallet team decided to continue further wallet development using Electron framework and Vue.js The aim of creating an industry leading multi-language and multi-platform GUI wallet has already resulted in release of the Wallet Atom, available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

Security research

Ryo-currency Coin with privacy and security as the core foundation of Ryo, they invest time and effort into security research as well as investigate and analyze issues with the Cryptonote protocol in order to bring true default anonymity for users. Ryo currently uses RingCT with a ring size of 25, however it is the decision that RingCT cannot fully protect against transaction tracking. As the promise to create the most private and untraceable cryptocurrency, they are planning on replacing RingCT with second generation ZK-proofs.