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What Is Rumito (RUTC)? Complete Guide Review About Rumito.

What Is Rumito (RUTC)?

This is the digital currency of the international holding Rumito. It is used as a means of payment, and also plays an important role in the activities of marketplaces around the world. How does the technology work?What is the benefit to the community?Where can RUTC be stored?Where does the marketplace work?Where can I buy RUTC?

Rumito Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRumito
Short NameRUTC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply5,000,000,000
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By purchasing RUTC, you have a huge range of opportunities for its use. In terms of blockchain technology, you can easily sell, buy, send and receive RUTC as a full-fledged asset of the blockchain until Your team announces the transition to their own platform. Created as a highly liquid digital marketplace and real business tool aimed at asset management and trading on stock exchanges.


The benefit is as follows:
– the ability to buy and sell goods and services on the marketplace for RUTC
– paying rent for an online store on the marketplace site
– cashback in the form of RUTC
– earnings in the form of RUTC for work performed on the international labor exchange
– due to expansion and increase business capitalization, the price of RUTC will also grow


Currently, the RUTC token is supported by the Tron Link wallet, which is the main wallet for the TRON blockchain. In it, you have the opportunity to exchange tokens for any other currency that interests you (BTC, ETH, USDT and others). Currently, RUTC franchises are open in 41 countries around the world. For more information, go to the site (link) where you can find what you need).

Simultaneously on several exchanges

Currently nowhere. In the fall of 2021, it is planned to list simultaneously on several exchanges, which they will talk about a little later. On them, after listing, you will be able to freely dispose of your RUTC tokens (purchase, sale, exchange).
But in general, you can get this currency using several options:
1) Purchase through a wallet
2) As a reward
3) As a cashback on the marketplace
4) Through exchange trading


Rumito is the central link of the RUTC marketplace network, the main task of which is to optimize business processes related to services and products for customers.

Rumito Network

Own blockchain platform called RUTC Network. With it, your team ensures transparency and reliability of information between sellers and buyers, with guaranteed security. This stablecoin will be the main means of settlement when concluding transactions between the parties. The exchange rate will remain unchanged and equal to the dollar. Its main purpose is to use it as a store of value, as well as in other cases where volatile assets may be less desirable.

Keeping your own funds is an integral part of the investor. It is your non-custodial wallet that is a reliable place to store your assets, unlike exchange wallets, where there is a high probability of hacking and the complete loss of all your funds.

How does the product work?

For comfortable use of the RUTC ecosystem, your team created a comprehensive product that includes:

  • R/Shops – Your store in three steps in the online shopping center Rumito
  • R/Client – Ideal solution for your offline business
  • R/Pay – Payment gateway for accepting payments in digital currency
  • R/Job – International job exchange for hardworking freelancers

Rumito Coin

Rumito Coin will be used:
– to form the basis for a further range of services and goods
– for optimization within the framework of using the RUTC ecosystem
– as a means of payment for marketplace users

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