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What Is RoyalPay(ROYAL) Coin Review? Complete Guide Review About RoyalPay   

What Is RoyalPay(ROYAL)

Royalty Finance Finance ($ROYAL) is a high APY-delivering auto-compounding and auto-staking protocol to help users generate revenue from their investment. Royalty Finance intends to maintain a sustainable rewards model while also encouraging confidence in investors.

The Royalty Finance Coin developers have created the Royalty Auto-Staking Protocol, a DeFi 2.0 protocol that delivers a decentralized financial asset that rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through its unique protocol.

The project has released their initial dApp ( with dashboard and calculator functionality and is in the process of building out a launchpad, unique NFT product, DEX platform and other utilities to feed into the ecosystem.

Royalty Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRoyalty Finance
Short NameROYAL
Circulating Supply4.63B ROYAL
Total Supply10,281,811,290
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Automatic APY

RoyalPal rewards holders with 480,810.4% Annual Percentage Yield. Multiple functions work in conjunction to make this sustainable.

To put this into perspective an investment of $1,000 would yield $4,808,104 after just one year, due to compound interest.

This is achieved by a sophisticated Rebase Mechanism. All token holders receive rewards, every 30 Minutes, and the protocol is supported by the RLR and Liquidity Growth systems.

Anti-Dump Shield

Many DeFi projects are subject to pump and dumps, where traders capitalise off long-term investor’s liquidity.

Royalty Finance Coin offers the ultimate safeguard against pump and dumps, protecting your investment.

There is an anti-dump system where holders can sell between 1 and 5% per day.

The selling allowance is determined based upon the recent buy and sell pressure of the token.


RoyalPay is an auto-staking and auto-compounding decentralised protocol, providing investors with an annual yield of 480,810.4%.

The contract uses an anti-dump shield to protect your investment and the sustainability of the protocol. The ultimate safeguard against pump and dumps.

The forefront is to maintain a sustainable rewards model, whilst also providing investors with trust. Utilities will further build the $ROYAL ecosystem and provide inherent value.

WHAT they Offer

Royalty Finance Coin Automatic APY of 480,810.4% Sent Directly to Holders Every 30 Minutes

Anti-Dump Shield to protect chart growth. Investors can sell between 1 and 5% per day. This is manually adjusted depending on price movement.

Thick Liquidity Pool Grows with Every Transaction.

Wallet to wallet transfers are disabled so no one can bypass the anti-dump system.

Royal Longevity Reserve

The Royalty Finance Longevity Reserve (RLR) is the underwriting factor that supports the APY system. Trading fees accumulated guarantee a high and stable return to RoyalPay holders, whilst maintaining equilibrium, with the rebase every 30 minutes.

Tokens from buy-back will be burnt to reduce circulating supply.

4% of each buy and 5% of each sale is deposited to the RLR.

Liquidity Growth

Royalty Finance Liquidity is important to sustain the $ROYAL protocol as holders are rewarded the APY. During each Buy and Sell 2% will be added to the ROYAL/BNB liquidity pair. The strong liquidity taxes will also diminish the impact of sells on the chart. As the market cap increases, this tax will ensure a sustainable liquidity ratio. The custom contract also allows us to burn this allowance, if required.

Promotion & Development

Increasing awareness is paramount to continue the growth of RoyalPay.

The promotion and development wallet funds all advertisements including influencer posts, marketing campaigns and exchange listings.

This will also provide essential funds to build the Royalty Ecosystem and other gateways to growth.

Royalty Finance Coin promotion and development wallet receives 6% of Buys and 7% of Sales


Phase 1 – Prelaunch

  • Website Development
  • Discord setup
  • Conduct Private Sale
  • Social Media Setup
  • Create KOL Networks
  • Telegram Marketing Campaign
  • YouTube Marketing Campaign
  • TikTok Marketing Campaign
  • Twitter Marketing Campaign
  • Community Interaction Competitions
  • 40+ AMA’s in Crypto Communities
  • 600+ Article Publications (Inc: YahooFinance, MarketWatch, Benzinga)
  • CertiK Audit and KYC Submission
  • Deploy Contract
  • DApp Development
  • CertiK KYC
  • Host Presale

Phase 2 – Launch

  • PancakeSwap Listing
  • 5 Year Liquidity Lock
  • CertiK Audit
  • CertiK Skynet Activation
  • CoinGecko Application
  • CoinMarketCap Application
  • Vigorous Social Media Promotions
  • Widespread YouTube Campaign
  • Banner Advertisements
  • Trending Positions
  • Further News Publications and Interviews
  • Unique NFT Integration
  • Exchange Partnerships
  • Launchpad Development
  • Public Doxing Event

Phase 3 – Beyond

  • Launchpad Release
  • Top 10 CEX Listing
  • Bridge to Additional Networks
  • Royalty DEX Platform
  • Merchandise Release
  • Become an Industry Leading Protocol in DeFi
  • Development of New Utilities to Grow the Ecosystem
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