Roller Inu

What Is Roller Inu (ROI)? Complete Guide Review About Roller Inu.

What Is Roller Inu (ROI)?

As a means to provide equitable access to blockchain data, they’ve developed the Etherscan Ethereum Developer APIs to empower developers with direct access to Etherscan’s block explorer data and services via GET/POST requests. Roller Inu APIs are provided as a community service and without warranty, so please use what you need and no more. For that you may find a suitable endpoint from your wide range of APIs that you can simply query to provide data while you remain fully focused on building your applications.

Roller Inu offers 2 types of API plans, a set of free community endpoints and API PRO which consists of additional derived blockchain data. They’ve helped you take the first steps by writing some thorough tutorials on how to query and derive popular blockchain metrics. For power users, they’ve also added guides such as how you can pro-grammatically verify contracts through API calls and more advanced use cases of endpoints.

Roller Inu Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRoller Inu
Short NameROI
Circulating Supply48.77B ROI
Total Supply100,000,000,000
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Creating an Account

Having an Roller Inu account allows you to use sign-in only features and tools such as Address Watch List, Txn Private Notes, Token Ignore List and APIs. Head over to the Account Registration page and provide a username, email and password for your account. A transactions is made up of several parameters that have to be defined, for this example we’ll be making a simple ETH transfer.

Verify Your Email

A confirmation link will be sent to your email address to verify your sign up request.Once you’ve clicked on the link, your account set-up process is complete and you may sign in to use your account-specific features. Upon signing in, you will have access to your account dashboard where you can make full use of Etherscan’s features such as generating API keys.

Sign & serialize

After detailing the contents of the transaction, Roller Inu need to sign it — using the wallet’s private key they created in Step 3 to prove they are allowed to spend funds in the wallet address.With the transaction signed, they have just one more step to serialize, or simply converting your transaction into a hexadecimal format. With the signed raw transaction, they can now pass it to the “eth_sendRaw Transaction” endpoint to be broad casted to the Ethereum network.

Creating an API Key

From your Account Dashboard, click on the navigation tab labelled. From there, you may click on Add to create a new key and give a name to your project. Each Etherscan account is limited to creating 3 keys at any one time. Roller Inu To change your project name associated with an API Key, click on Edit to specify a new App Name, and save the changes. If you would like to delete an API Key or suspect your key has been compromised, you may click on Remove to delete that key and generate a new one.

Signing Raw Transactions

The closest real world example of a raw transaction — probably a bank cheque Some ways Roller Inu can utilize raw transactions include signing a transaction offline on a secure machine and then broadcasting it separately or to send a transaction at a later point of time. One of the useful classes that Ethers.js provides is a wallet, which represents a regular Ethereum address that you can use to store and send Ether.

Roller Inu company need to integrate a helpful JavaScript library known as Ethers.js that will help with interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. They can do so using the command npm i ether from a terminal within this project, which will add ethers as a dependency. They can initiate a new wallet by specifying a private key which they can generate or grab one from an existing wallet like MetaMask.

Endpoint URLs

An API key generated on Roller Inu can be used across all main net and testnet explorers. Similarly, all endpoints and parameter formatting remain the same across testnet explorers, you are only required to change the relevant API endpoint URL as follows. Returns the list of internal transactions performed by an address, with optional pagination. A successfully broadcaster transaction will return a transaction hash, which you can use the endpoint or look it up on Etherscan!


Returns the current amount of an ERC-20 token in circulation. Roller Inu API PRO is a monthly subscription-based API service that provides additional endpoints, higher rate limits and escalated support for power users and commercial solutions. For a full list of endpoints available under the API PRO subscription, please refer to the API PRO endpoints. By knowing the functions available to a contract, they can programmatically use them — in situations where the project websites are down or when you need to automate certain transactions.