What Is Roboots (RBO)? Complete Guide Review About Roboots.


What Is Roboots (RBO)?

Roboots in the Roboots land Universe can be controlled by their owners or renters and fight other robots in the Arena. Each robot has a level and assigned colors. These colors symbolize the special powers of the robots. (For example robots with red color do more damage, robots with green color can regenerate their health faster, blue robots will have their own shield, yellow robots have more health etc.)

Contains a 5×5 grid (by default) consisting of random colors and the numbers that these colors correspond to. Each square on the grid consists of a color and a number. The size of the grid varies according to the quality and level of the robots in combat. Consists of fighting robots, health and power indicators and the features the player can use (Buff).

Roboots Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRoboots
Short NameRBO
Circulating Supply374,000,000.00 RBO
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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How it is played

Player presses the ‘’Roll’ button each time it is her turn and a random square is chosen on the grid*. The special powers of the robots are determined according to the color of the square, and the damage they do is determined by the number on the square. Roboots If the colors of the player’s robot are the same with the colors of the selected square, the robot deals damage to the opposite side. The player can increase the damage of her next hit by using the features (Buff) of her robot based on the robot’s level, she can choose to strengthen the defenses of her robot or manipulate the color and number distribution on the grid to her advantage.

Execution of the Algorithm

Before you start you will get a hash of the server-seed, which is encrypted. This hash contains the entire game round you’re about to play, so the game owner cannot change it no matter what. Roboots Also, because it comes to you in an encrypted code, you yourself cannot calculate any results for the hands you’re about to play. To verify the seed, use a third party tool to generate the SHA256 hash of the unabashed server seed. Once you do that, you can check to see if the two hashes are the same. If they are, you can calculate the results and compare them to the ones provided.

Advantages of Provably Fair System

  • Usage of the provably fair algorithm that generates the hands and keeps them in a hash that can later be verified by players;
  • Players don’t need to use third party companies thanks to the provably fair algorithm and the block-chain, which is a public ledger.
  • Thanks to the provably fair algorithm and the block-chain, they don’t need to be acknowledged by any authority.


Both robot owners and robot renters will have the chance to compete in tournaments that will be arranged by game developers. To participate in the tournaments, players will need to spend Roboots tokens. On the other hand, robot renters must have sufficient energy to enter the tournament. At the end of the tournament, robot owners and robot renters will receive ROBOOTS tokens based on their ranking.

Player VS Player

Roboots owners and robot renters can fight another robot owner and robot renter over a SINGLE ROUND. At the end of each fight, the robot owner and the robot renter will win ROBOOTS tokens of certain amounts. ROBOOTS token is a utility token used in all trading, repair, improvement, purchasing of upgrading items and rental processes in the Roboots land Universe. All rewards in this universe are also distributed as ROBOOTS tokens.