What Is Roboinu (RBIF)? Complete Guide Review About Roboinu

What Is Roboinu (RBIF)? Complete Guide Review About Roboinu

What Is Roboinu (RBIF)?

Roboinu Finance is a community driven token on ERC20. Robo Inu is working on three flagship utility projects: -RoboWallet -RoboLaunchpad and RoboNFT marketplace.

Robo Inu’s vision is to create a tool so that individual can manage or track their cryptocurrency or fiat expenses while helping people to achieve their financial freedom

One of the vision is to establish Roboinu Venture which allows holders to invest into Spacex and TESLA via Robo Inu Finance with a minimal amount of money.

With NASA’s inspiration and the need for fintech developments and growth, ROBO INU FINANCE was born by a group of scientists and ex Google developers. We dream to support the cause of NASA as well as to build an open ecosystem for everyone regardless of your age or your races to gain your financial freedom.

They aim to create a financial tool for individual to better manage his/her own finance and for companies to leverage on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance people’s lives in the fintech industry.

Roboinu Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRoboinu
Short NameRBIF
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply 59,588,649,826,433,800
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The community owned crypto inspired by NASA

A new crypto coin birthed by the people who work in the research and scientist community, Roboinu Inu ($RBIF) is inspired by the idea of NASA “Robotic Dogs May Soon Be Heading To Mars”. In recent years, the fast growth of blockchain innovation and technology has become a catalyst for the development of fintech built on blockchain.

All big decisions will be guided and voted by the community

ROBO INU FINANCE was created for the people as such, the community will be the one who drive this project upon ownership renouncement. This is also to ensure transparency.

All big decisions are guided by the community

ROBO INU FINANCE is working on three flagship utility projects: a RoboWallet for holder to store cryptocurrency as well as to track/manage their own cryptocurrency expenses, a RoboLaunchpad – an incubator for potential projects and a daily auctioned platform known as RoboNFT marketplace.


Every sell and buy transaction of $RBIF has a tax percentage which is used to fuel the growth of Robo Inu Finance’s ecosystem

Total supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000

Initial burn when first launch:  40%

Buying Tax : 4% 

1% Reward Holders.
3% Marketing wallet

Selling Tax : 10% 

3% Reward Holders.
7% Marketing wallet

Robo Inu Finance’s Ecosystem

Roboinu Finance will build a circular ecosystem with mainstream financial products, the best applications especially for cryptocurrencies today. New breakthrough technology applications have not yet been developed by any project.

Buying $RBIF is easy

Step 1: Download Metamask or Trust Wallet

You can download the Metamask app here or Trust Wallet app here. You can also use Metamask on desktop but you need to use Google Chrome and download this extension.

You can also use any other ERC-20 compatible wallet in which you own the private keys.

Do not send to an exchange wallet unless $RBIF is officially listed on that exchange and has a deposit address

Step 2: Connect wallet to ERC-20 Network

Cryptocurrencies and tokens are often on different networks known as blockchains.

Since the $RBIF token is on ERC-20 you will need to connect your wallet to the ERC-20  if it isn’t already.

It is pretty quick and easy, anyone can do it following some simple instructions.

Step 3: Get ETH

Before you can actually buy any token on the ERC-20 you must first send some ETH to your wallet. You can send ETH from another wallet including exchange wallets like Binance, Coinbase… . It is recommended that you have a Binance account if you don’t already as it can come in handy for things like this.
Binance website – Binance App

ETH is needed because every transaction on ERC-20 uses ETH to pay a very small gas fee. You will see the gas fee details when you confirm the transaction in your wallet.

You do not need to pay gas fees when buying a token from a centralized exchange like Binance, you only do on a Decentralized exchange (DEX) like UNISWAP . Remember you can actually swap any ERC-20 token for another. So you can swap $RBIF into any other ERC-20 token on UNISWAP at any time.

Just remember you always need a little ETH for gas fees.


Now you have ETH in your wallet you can buy $RBIF.

Roboinu Before you try to buy you must click the settings button and change the slippage to 4-6 %. This is because $RBIF comes with 10% sales tax as mentioned in the tokenomics section. The transaction may not work without this.

Here is a little more info on how to use UNISWAP.
Uniswap Trading Guide

One you have bought $RBIF you will need to manually add the token to your wallet so that you can see it in there.

Add token to Trust Wallet guide
Add token to Metamask guide

Great, now you have $RBIF in your wallet and you can hodl it as we ascend on our space mission! Check out the Roadmap and if you need help or have any more questions that are not answered on this site then chat with us in our Telegram group.