What Is River mount (RM)?

What Is River mount (RM)? Complete Guide Review About River mount.

What Is River mount (RM)?

Additionally, the rewards of holders are streamlined to exclude exchange wallets from partaking in the incentivization process. With that in place, only PNIX holders will be rewarded from the distribution process. These will increase the number of holders in the ecosystem, driving up the value of the token.

River mount This will create a self-sufficient platform, a vibrant ecosystem that rewards stakers with tokens, increase in liquidity with a mechanism to help stabilize the value, giving value to investors, thus building a new kind of system, setting the pace in the savings and investment niche.

River mount Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRiver mount
Short NameRM
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply20,000,000
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High Yield Farming

The era of DeFi gave rise to various financial ideas. One of such is yield farming, a new way of earning rewards through the use of cryptocurrency. This is made possible through the use of permission less liquidy protocols. It allows crypto enthusiasts to earn passive income in a decentralized economy.

River mount will provide its users with high return yield farming in a way that will generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings. The robust cross-chain interoperability offered by BSC will enable Phoenix DeFi Finance to run on other blockchains that support smart contract capabilities.

Lottery and NFT Ecosystem

River mount stands for a non-fungible token, If something is defined as non-fungible, it means it has unique properties so it cannot being er-changed with something else. The wave of NFT is currently sweeping across the blockchain industry, famously gaining popularity in the gaming and collectible space However, the use cases for NFTs stretch far beyond gaming and collectibles.

In fact, developers are creating entire virtual worlds using NFTs, and Phoenix DeFi Finance is still very much in the early stages of adoption. Additionally, NFTs can be used in a wide variety of sectors, from the art industry, gaming, music, fashion, and much more but a lot of the current excitement is around using the tech to sell digital art.

River mount is focused on online collectibles NFT, such as the much-loved Crypto Kitties, whose popularity congested the Ethereum network at its peak in 2017. Crypto Kitties are unique digital kittens that can be bred to make more unique kitties, with certain characteristics deemed more favorable than others.

River mount Token

Phoenix DeFi Finance token is known as River mount, it is a next-generation reflective deflationary protocol built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PNIX token is capable of gas less instant yield generation. This means that holders can generate yield just by holding the token in their wallet, without any further action required.

The burn rate is used to fund rewards after the period and is active on all transfers except from/to the staking pool(soon). Because of the limited total supply and no minting capabilities they have a deflationary token system with a constant reward amount per day – this will balance out the inflation on a longer basis and provide long-term value to the token.

Burn Fee Is Adjustable

Burn fee applied to transactions ranges will be control and adjusted to make the price stable. When the price of River mount increases, the percentage of the burn fee will increase as well, increasing the deflation while building up the price. When the price of PNIX decreases, the percentage of the burn fee will decrease, increasing the yield distribution towards token holders to help to cover the losses.