What Is RimauSwap(RIMAU)? Complete Guide Review About RimauSwap.

What Is RimauSwap(RIMAU)?

RimauSwap Farm will only accept RIMAU and BNB tokens supply. Once you successfully added liquidity using these token pair into the RIMAU-BNB farm, you’ll be issued RIMAU-BNB LP token. Consider this as your ‘receipt’ or ‘proof of supply‘ for supplying RIMAU + BNB token to the RIMAU-BNB farm. To participate in liquidity provision to RimauSwap’s farm, you’re going to need to supply a pair of tokens. Each farm can only accept their own exact pair of tokens respectively.

Unlike Centralized Exchange (CEX), RimauSwap is Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which allows ANYONE to participate in providing liquidity to its farms (liquidity pools) and share 0.17% of 0.25% trading fee revenue for every swap (token exchange trade) made via RimauSwap DEX.

RimauSwap Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRimauSwap
Short NameRIMAU
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply1,300,000
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Trade With Your Local DEX & Buy RIMAU to Help Malaysia

If you are a Malaysian and already a DeFi yield farming participant, good for you! RimauSwap urge you to support the first DEX built for Malaysia. While you are earning, you also help to contribute to the welfare of Malaysians community. If you have not heard of DeFi or new to yield farming, RimauSwap urge you to onboard and support coins, which is a Public Benefit Project with a sustainable ESG benefit ting Malaysians. Imprimatur helps you make the most out of your crypto assets in 3 ways: Trade, Earn and Contribute.

Hodl RIMAU and Show Your Support

Earn RimauSwap tokens for free with attractive APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Grow your RIMAU quantity while holding them for long-term value appreciation. Stake RIMAU to earn more RIMAU tokens and then hold them until they appreciated in value then gradually extract value out of it while continually growing your RIMAU tokens quantity. Simple as that. Earn trading fees revenue share when you stake your digital assets in Liquidity Pools (LPs). Liquidity pool trading fees are rewarded to its liquidity providers proportionately.


Instantly swap crypto tokens without having to give up custody of your tokens and trust a third party. Swap your tokens through open-source DeFi smart contracts. This offer low trading fee (0.25%) for your crypto asset trading so it’s a maximum win for you. Unlike Centralized Exchanges (CEXes), you interact with open-source smart contracts and trade directly from your wallet app without having to deposit, trust a third party and giving up custody of your digital asset.


RimauSwap its core, coin is an ecosystem with sustainable ESG. As RIMAU token value appreciates, revenue extraction takes place periodically and is pledged into external yield farming. A big portion of proceeds (up to 45%) from this external yield farming is channeled to charitable organizations within Malaysia. Beneficiary is decided through voting mechanism by RIMAU token hodlers.

RimauSwap will assist the identified beneficiaries of Imprimatur ESG initiatives to open an account with local licensed DAX (Digital Asset Exchange) and transfer the digital asset to the DAX account of the beneficiaries respectively; and they can cash out through a legal means. This coin is a crypto-to-crypto only platform and does not transact in any fiat currency (MYR, USD and others) at all.

Is Cryptocurrencies Syariah-Compliant?

According to expert’s opinion in this article in news.bitcoin.com dated Oct 16, 2020, crypto-currencies are legit commodities that can be exchanged within the market, as long as it is not backed by “ribawi items,” like gold and silver. RimauSwap is currently working on Shariah compliance certification and will announce accordingly as company completed the process.