What Is Richcity (CASH)? Complete Guide Review About Richcity

What Is Richcity (CASH)? Complete Guide Review About Richcity

What Is Richcity (CASH)?

Welcome to the 1980s. From the decade of big hair, excess, and pastel suits comes a story of Gangsters rising to the top of the criminal pile as the Richcity Family returns! Rich City is a huge urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto. You arrive in a city brimming with delights and degradation and are given the opportunity to take it over as you see fit! Choose your character between Gangster and SWAT. In the game of two parties, make your choice to gain more honor and reward for your side!

Richcity Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRichcity
Short NameCASH
Circulating Supply12,901,958.00 CASH
Max Supply30,000,000
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The RichCity family has mastered all the Gangsters in the Rich city, and every gang must obey his orders. They’ve now decided to load up their $CASH reserves in anticipation of the upcoming new year, when business is expected to be even better!Behind the scenes, a rogue insider within Spooky Bank has now leaked this impending $CASH boost to several infamous and well-trained Gangsters.

The greedy Gangsters have now decided to team up and plan for the biggest money heist of this modern era; they’re set on stealing ALL the $CASH from Spooky Bank! The plan is to steal all the $CASH, in which some will be used to upgrade their weaponry, promote some Gangsters to leaders, and enjoy the gang’s dividends.

Levels of Gangster

Richcity are 3 different levels of Gangster NFT. When you reach level 4, you become a Gangster lead! You need to spend $CASH to level up your Gangster NFTs. If you want to level up your Gangster/Gangster lead when they are staking, you need to unstake them at first.


A massive roadblock is waiting for the gangsters. To steal all the $CASH, they’ll have to watch their backs for the conspicuously greedy and keen-eyed corrupt SWAT! The SWAT has received intel on this impending heist, and they’ve set their sights on arresting these sneaky gangsters. However, it’s no secret what the main intentions of the corrupt SWAT are, they have already reached an agreement with the Gangster Lead,

Gangsters MUST pay tribute of their hard-earned $CASH or lose all $CASH and be put in jail if they fail. Although, the SWAT occupies a small percentage of the city, do NOT underestimate their threat to the Gangsters! In this city, every SWAT officer wants to fill the pockets, and they will do so by taking it from the Gangsters of RichCity!


EVA is a new female character in the game, she appears to help the city’s heritage. Richcity future new NFT mint will rely on Eva .Eva will also play an important role in the new Gang Rush game, which will also receive higher rewards than other NFT roles. Eva will also have a high weight in the coming new games!

Base rewards

The Gangster NFTs can have base rewards after staking, and the base rewards will accumulate based on the time of staking until all rewards are paid out.

The Gangster Leads and SWATs don’t have the base rewards: – The rewards for the Gangster Leads mainly come from the protection fee from the Gangsters; – While the rewards for the SWATs mainly come from both the Gangsters and Gangster Leads.

Gang Rush

Richcity gang that joins the game will be ranked every day and rewards will be distributed according to the ranking. The gang owner can participate in the game by staking the Gang-NFT to the game contract.


$CASH is the Vice city governance token. As the primary currency in the ecosystem, it’s designed to fight inflation through multiple burn mechanics. It is the only way to enable players to mint next gens and upgrades for your Gangsters.

$CASH starting price will be about 0.064 $USD. It’s deliberately cheap and aims to avoid a significant dump from short-term players who wants to sell fast. We believe this strategy enhances Gangsters/SWAT NFTs’ long-term value, and we know that the community will find a fair price for $CASH soon enough.