What Is Rewards? (RWD) Complete Guide Review About Rewards.

What Is Rewards? (RWD) Complete Guide Review About Rewards.

What Is Rewards?

Rewards RWD is a cross-chain token that aims to reinvent how customer rewards are distributed, exchanged, stored, and managed. Using blockchain technology to create a rewards network, unifying brands and customers globally. Rewards was created by the the makers of MyCryptoCheckout, a peer-to-peer crypto payment gateway that has been operating in the crypto space since 2017. With the founders are now building a new way for companies to set up rewards programs and earn customer loyalty.

Reward Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameRewards
Short NameRWD
Circulating Supply
Total Supply210,770,197
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Rewards Token is Global|

Less clutter

Reward Coin customers receive rewards all in a single digital wallet!


They Use $RWD across multiple blockchains and customer rewards programs.

Happier customers

Greater ownership and flexibility over their rewards.

Lower costs

Easier implementation for businesses of all sizes.


RWD can be redeemed at accepting stores, exchanged for crypto or fiat, stored for later, or sent to friends and family.


Reward businesses instantly gain access to a global ecosystem of potential customers, and a network of partnerships.

MCC Cashback Program

For a limited time, earn up to 5% cashback in $RWD on any purchases made using ETH, ERC20’s, BNB, or BEP20’s. Or up to 10% cashback on any purchases made using $RWD. All customers of the 3000+ webshops using the My Crypto Checkout API are automatically eligible.


  • Receive 5% cashback in $RWD on up to $250 in purchases per day per address
  • Webshops must be using the API for at least 45 days for customers to receive.

Note: $RWD distributed as part of the Cashback Program will be on a first-come, first-served basis until the pool is depleted.

Staking Rewards

Reward token holders can stake to earn Rewards. When the staking transaction is complete, Rewards will start to be generated immediately.


Staking rewards are automatically re-staked so you get the best APY.

Add/Remove Anytime

Stakes can be added/removed anytime. There is no lockup. Metamask RequiredOne of the most popular web3 wallets. It’s easy to install, create, and use.

No Minimum

Reward Coin Stake as little or as much as you’d like until the staking pool is full.

Ethereum token standards

In Ethereum, tokens are a digital representation of a value associated with an asset, a service, or the right to do something, and they are implemented through smart contracts. The smart contract of a token automatically reacts to specific events and it regulates the exchange of tokens unit. In general, the tokens can be classified into two categories based on their application field: utility tokens and security tokens (also known as equity tokens). The former acts as a key to access some goods through.

A blockchain and are used to pay the access to a service, application, or resource. Instead, security tokens are similar to equity shares and they are considered financial investments. Put in another way, the key difference is that equity tokens give to the holder of the token ownership rights, while utility tokens act as coupons and do not provide holders with an ownership stake in any asset, like a company’s asset and so on.

Blockchain Technology

Reward blockchain technology has a wide variety of benefits, for both global enterprises and local communities. The most commonly cited benefits of a blockchain are trusted data coordination, attack-resistance, shared IT infrastructure, tokenization, and built-in incentivization.

Cross Chain Technology

Cross-chain technology is emerging blockchain technology that enables the exchange of value and information between once isolated networks. This interoperability is important because different blockchains are used to solve different problems, as cross-chain tech enables people to move from one to another in a seamless manner.